sun shades in cars

  • I would like some suggestion on what type of sunshades to buy for our car. The character ones are very expensive. When I tried to buy the plain ones to stick on the windows, there is only 2 colors, black and white. Which one is better?

  • I would like some suggestions too. We have one that pulls down, but it is too small for our van window. It only blocks half the sun. I even thought about tinting the windows.

  • The windows in my car are tinted, and I've found that that really doesn't help. The sun still comes through to make you little one hot or have to shy away from the light.

    I like the pull-down shades, and try to get the character ones when I can. You can get the character sun shades at WalMart pretty cheap -- like $3 a piece if I recall correctly. But even with the pull-downs, they're still not a perfect fit, like BabyNurse said. I haven't seen anything that's a total solution for this on the market.

  • We were told by the state trooper who helped us install our car seats not to use the sun shades unless it's just the paper kind (without the little bar) which sticks to the window.  He said that in a crash anything such as that can become a projectile and seriously injure the baby.  We choose not to use one, but everyone needs to weigh their own risk.  You can make yourself crazy with all of the what ifs