List the Books for my 3 month old baby

  • Hello, Im new-mom. I need to know what kind of the books can i read the books for my baby boy.. Give the lists the books names.. thanks !!

  • Baby einstein books- (newborn and up)

    "Mirror Me", great for 3 months,

    also there are baby  einstein cd's and DVD's(bright colors and music) for babies cognitine brain skills. There are also toys, example: Baby einstein shape sorter set. A small box containing several tiny shaped books. The classic where does the object fit game but also each book has similiar objects to get baby familiar with as well as eventually reading the tiny book. It's a grow with baby toy. Online too. Baby Einstein .com   

  • I have two daughters under two years, with my youngest currently 3 months. Without getting into specific titles, I've found that the soft books made with plastic pages are perfect for my daughter. Not only do they usually provide very visual stories, but they encourage touch and early fine motor skills in addition to cultivating a love of reading. Another benefit is that the pages can't be ripped and are waterproof, always helpful when dealing with babies.

  • You can read anything at all to a baby that age. They just want to hear your voice. I read a lot of Dr Seuss to my babies. They seemed to like the rhyming. We read: Horton Hears a Who, Hop on Pop, and several others. We also read Brown Bear a lot, because the pictures were bright. I didn't buy a lot of board books, but my children weren't big book chewers.

  • I agree that you can read pretty much anything to babies at this age.  We had a variety of books when my daughter was this age.  We used a lot of the cloth and plastic books, those were the ones that she could keep to chew on.  Board books were used for story time with mommy, that way she didn't eat them.  I started getting her paper books when she was about 2, but she went through a brief stage where she tore them up.

    I think that her favorite books were the ones that have the touch and feel pages.  They have simple subjects like Kittens, Puppies, or Farm Animals.  We also had some of the Baby Einstein books.  Her favorite board book was Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown.  We actually wore this book out.  I put the old copy in her baby box and we bought a new copy to read with the new baby.

  • My daughter loves Goodnight Moon. We also have two copies.

  • Babies this young love books with bright colors and black and white contasting pictures. You can find any number of these books at your local library or bookstore.  Young babys and toddlers love books with here are a few favorites..Check them out!!

    1. Goodnight Moon ( an essential library collection)
    2. Brown Bear, Brown Bear
    3. Polar Bear, Polar Bear
    4. The very hungry caterpillar
    5. Where the Wild Things Are ( a little older but even 1 1/2 yr olds love it)
    6. Bunny's Noisy Book
    7. Llama Llama Red Pajama
    8. Peekaboo Farm and Peekaboo Zoo
    9. Where's Spot
    10. Hand Hand Finger Thumb
  • I agree with BabyNurse in that you can read whatever at this age. We especially liked I Love you Through and Through and Goodnight Bird (have to print it off of the Nick Jr. Web site, under Blues Clues).


  • "Goodnight Moon", Dr. Suess "ABC Book", anything from Sandra Boynton... my daughter loves the "Going to Bed Book", "Polar Bear, Polar Bear", "I love You Goodnight"

  • on the day you were born - i don't remember the author. also - the frog & toad books. just got them & love them!