What are really good baby bottles?

  • I am planning on breastfeeding, but I would like to have some baby bottles as well for the future.

  •  I have a 7 month old and have used tommie tippie with her, l love them!!  She had reflux and so did my son and with my son I think I went through every bottle out there.....but after seeing some friends use the tommie tippie I thought I would give it a try and she has done very well on them!  Good luckSmile


  • Good plan!!! A lot of moms on here rave about the Doc Brown bottles, Avent, and Tommy Tippe... I used Doc Brown and similac and have used Avent. All are good bottles for their own reasons. I suggest that you check some of them out and choose a couple that you like ( The less parts to the bottle the better in my opinion) and get a small pack of them. Your baby will ultimately have the final say in the bottle that he or she will like... On another note I found it easy to go from breast to the bottle exclusively by pumping one bottles worth of milk a day from the time my daughter was born and letting her dad feed it to her. That way she was used to having the bottle nipple from the beginning and her dad was also able to bond with her through her evening feeding. Happy decision making.

  • I echo what Brinny said - in my humble opinion, the less bottle parts, the better. It's up to you what you want to do but I didn't want to mess with liners, lots of inner pieces, etc. I was given some Avent bottles and liked those because there is only a bottle, nipple and ring. They wash pretty easily and worked well. That's my experience - hope you find what you are looking for!

  • We have used Doc Brown bottles with all three of our kids and they are great... wouldn't think of buying any other at this point!


  • For my twins, we started with Dr. Browns. I hated them... the parts get goopy for lack of a better term and because they were premies we had 20 bottles a day roughly, that meant I was washing over 140 pieces a day! It was awful... even the dishwasher couldn't get them completely clean. We switched to Nuk after about 6 months. MUCH BETTER!! But I have had experience with Avents as well and like them also.

  • I have a 7 week old son and I started out with Avent and the new Similac bottle. Both awesome bottles, however my baby only liked the Avent. I think it is the nipple shape and it has slightly faster flow. He refused the breast all together and it was a fuss feast feeding with the Similac bottle. He doesn't like anything that is similar to human nipple or anything he has to work for. He wants his food NOW! It's true what someone else said above, baby will decide what bottle you use in the end. So don't sink a ton of money into one brand of bottle yet.

    Similac bottle is designed to go back and forth between breast and bottle (for example a working mom who sends pumped milk in bottles to daycare and nurses at night), or supplements with formula. This was also a reason why I chose their bottle for the natural "close to mom" shaped nipple and the air bubble catcher thing in them. It's a easy part to clean and it just drop in :). 

  • I have also used Dr. Browns with my 3 month old and absolutely love them.  She latches on great and doesn't have any gas or fussiness with them.  I also used the Tomee Tippee with her but every time she fed with them, the nipples would collapse that's why we switched to Dr. Browns.  Anyone have that same experience with collapsing nipples on the Tomee Tippee?

  • I use Dr. Browns. They work great.

  • I used Null w/ my first son. they are GREAT!. shaped like the breast easy to clean, has the thing for.the.air bubbles. No nipple confusion. With my new born now I'm going to try the Similac bottle. pumping and b.f.