washing babies clothes before its born

  • Hi to all the mom out they! I am pregnant with my fourth kids and I am almost due too! But anyway my question to you guys it is? true or not true do you really have to wash the babies clothes before it is born. have heard from so many people that you do. But I never did that with my others kids. But also I was a lot younger back then and I really didn't know much and since I am older now with my fourth kids I want to make sure that I am doing the right thing for my baby. So. I would really like to know if it is true or not true that you have to wash The baby clothes before it is bron?
  • i washed all my little girls baby clothes new or used with dreft before she wore them but thats just me im kinda a germophobic lol. shes going on 7 months now and i still wash all her new clothes before she wears them. The way i think about it is you don know where the clothes have been (on the floor, in the hands of someone who didn wash them after leaving the RR, ect.) so it better to be safe than sorry. hope this helps :)

  • I washed some of my daughter's clothes, but not all of them.  My rule was that if I knew where they came from, and that it was a well-kept place, I probably didn't absolutely need to wash them.  I asked a former coworker her opinion and she said the same thing.  I think it's all about your comfort level--if you don't think the clothes need to be washed they're probably fine.

    Congrats on #4!!

  • Thank you all for the advice! I'm going to take some of those options and maybe not wash all of my baby clothes.because some of them are new and ues clothes.but a lot of you guys are right!you never know were The clothes have been before you put it on your baby. specially ues clothes or hand me down clothes you never know were they been at too before you put it on your child! so once again thank you all for the advice and I'm going to try to wash most of my baby clothes! but I don't know if I should do it now or wait 1 or 2 weeks before my baby is born? so if any of you guys can tell me . that would be another great advice to for me too!
  • I'm a washing nut too.. I wash everything before it's worn. there may be chemicals from the factory, dust from boxes and distribution centers, mites from someone elses home... you never know so it's my rule that new clothes are washed before being put away. but look at it this way.. you have older children right?... did they ever get mysteriously sick?... Trust yourself as a parent. You managed to keep your older children alive and well so you obviously didn't do a bad job. Congrats on the newest member joining your family!

  • @ Brinny- that is true! My younger one which is six year old now. Would get sick a lot when she was a baby and I would always wonder why she would get sick a lot too! So maybe you are about washing the clothes before put them on
  • I wouldn't worry about washing them now and having them ready for the baby. I don't think it'll make a tremendous difference when they are washed, so long as they are cleaned at some point. :-)

  • You all AMAZE me with your good thinking and preparation.  Sounds like most of you prewashed clothes before they were worn-which does make good sense. Way to go strongmoms!


  • @ PediNurseJulie1- you are right! I am not going to worry about washing the clothes right now! until i am ready to put them on my baby!

  • Congrats on your new addition!whatever you do, don't wear yourself out! :o) you may not feel like washing them all right before the baby comes. I am one who also washes most everything first but with my baby it was absolutely everything. I don't know if it's because I am a first time mom or just a wash freak but I washed ( and still do) all of my baby boy's clothes before he wore them.I did it in stages, though... Like NB to 3 months before he came, and then when he was getting closer to fitting in 3-6 months, then I washed those. And even then, I did little loads. Enjoy your expanding family!

  • I'm definitely one of the wash freak moms :-) I have 3 boys my youngest is 3 months old and I wash everything not only the new and used clothes but I washed EVERYTHING when I got it...stroller, carseat, highchair, swing etc even what I bought new. I was afraid of the whole chemical thing not to mention where the hands of the workers at the factory may have been..guess I'm a bit of a germaphobe but now that Purex.has baby laundry soap (its own version of Dreft) for $3 a bottle at Walmart I can afford to wash even more lol..congrats on our new addition

  • Love hearing all the washing stories! It makes me laugh a little bit - we all have our quirks. :-) 

  • Best to wash the new stuff before putting it on baby simply because manufacturers put clothing through a light formaldehyde wash to preserve the clothing in storage before going to stores.  They do this to all clothing.

  • All new clothes have a chemical on them from the factory and some people, like my mother and broher, are alergic to the new fabric and causes rashes or as bad as hives/blisters on the skin. You wouldn't want to notice that first hand to your little one, now would ya? Always wash before wearing.

    Also today on the Doctors they talked about used clothes and e-coli. Did you know that e-coli lasts more then 6 months? EWWWW 

    When in Doubt WASH WASH WASH.

  • Yes, washing clothes before wearing is really a good idea. Some child are allergic on new fabric and might cause rashes and that's what mothers don't really like to happen to their little ones.