• Its been hard  to choose which brands to use on diapers...i mean i have coupons for sensitive and swaddlers pampers for newborn but i mean theyre not that expensive to get but also do i have to get brand name diapers...what if i go to dollar general and get newborn diapers for $6...does it really make a diffrence????????????

  • I have noticed a little difference in diapers... For newborns with their cord still attached or just falling off I will only use Huggies because they have the little cut out in the top of the diaper for the cord. After that I tried several brands and settled on Walmarts "parents choice" brand. They weren't bulky but do tend to run a little larger (not by much though). they have a wetness indicator and are about 6 dollars for a pack of 50 for size 1 and pack of 47 size 2. I didn't have any issues with allergies or leaks with this brand until my daughter hit size 3. Now that my daughter is moving around and eating cereal fruits and veggies I noticed more blowouts with the Walmart brand. I have tried Pampers and Huggies and have settled on Huggies because of the fit. Honestly I would still be using Walmart brand if they were holding up better. I hate paying 10 dollars for 31 diapers when they are just going to be peed and pooped in, but the money I pay is worth it when the diaper keeps everything in it. I hope this helps a little... oh and on another note Walmarts  Equate brand of refill wipes in the pharmacy/beauty section is the best deal i've found. And they aren't bad either. they hold up really well and are hypoallergenic.  

  • I have two older children (boy and girl) and will be having my third (boy) sometime this month. (EDD is August 27, 2012) In my experience, diapers are something that really depends on the child. I prefer the feel of Huggies; however, with my daughter she was more likely to pee through them than Pamper's, my son was the opposite where he peed through the Pamper's and NOT Huggies. (This was not due to him/her needing changed but them not fitting correctly for them. I tried numerous "cheap" brands as well and neither of them did well with them, they either leaked or gave them a rash. I've been given numerous brands for this pregnancy from others and will try all of them to see which one works well for my new son. I hope everything goes well for you.  

  • I think that the most important thing is that they fit your baby, do not irritate the skin, and work (no leaks!).  Trial and error in a effort to find what works financially and for baby is just fine,


  • im a huggies mom and my little girl who is going on 7 months now has never had any problem with them no diaper rash, no leaks, and no poopy explosions lol. i recomened huggies to everyone. they also have an awesome rewards catalog where are so many points u can cash them in for FREE DIAPERS or FREE FORMULA! so i say go with huggies u wont regret it and neither will ur baby :)

  • Trial and error really is the way to go. I found that brand name diapers are not necessarily the only good diapers out there. We used Target brand diapers with my first and were very happy with them. I wouldn't stress about buying the most expensive diaper out there. Try a small pack of diapers at a reasonable price and see if they prevent leaks and don't irritate your baby's skin. Good luck!