milk bottle

  • What do you guys think about the new Similac bottle?

  • I haven't used it, but we are expecting our fourth child in February and I would be interested to hear people's opinions. Anyone?

  • its nice but a pain to have another part to wash!!!!!

  • I know what you mean... I can't begin to count the time I've spent the past five years washing bottles and their parts! Thanks for the advice.

  • ive been using the similac bottles for 5 1/2months now & their the best ones ive owned. my kids are formula feed & it really does make it easier to mix up the powerd. i dont find it hard to clean. i fill up the sink w/ steaming hot water, a little bleach & baby dish soap, take every thing apart & let it soak for about 3 hours then i go over w/my sassy rubber headed bottle brush. they dont seem to get nasty like others ive had. we have 3 children (4yrs, 18month, 5 1/2months) i can honestly say i wish i had similac bottles for my oldest 2