Getting Gear for Baby - Registry

  • Hello fellow moms! I am not due until early March, and the shower isn't for a few more months, but I have people asking me to make a registry for the baby shower already. I was planning on doing one with Target, but I am a total newbie to the entire process and have lots of questions. Can I do it online? What brands are best to ask for? How many of an item did you really need versus what you thought? How does the process work? If I already have a few items, do I put those on the registry as well?

  • Before my son was born I too had questions. I ended up registering at both Target and Babies 'R' Us. You can do both those registries online or go around the stores with the provided scanner, I did both. Are you breast or bottle feeding? Maybe include either breast feeding tools such as nipple shields, hot and cold compresses for yourself, breast pump and accessories, etc. If you are bottle feeding bottles, formula, bottle brushes, Palmolive Baby Bottle and Toy Detergent, etc... Diapers, cloth or paper? Lukas' loves the Pamper's Swaddlers. (I really wish I had registered for some of the care packages that Babies 'R' Us sells). Also a diaper pail and refill bags. I recommend Boppy for pillows, especially the 'Lounger', Fisher Price has great rockers and swings. GET A SWING YOU WONT REGRET IT! Graco for stroller and car seats. Don't forget shoulder straps (we got osh kosh) for car seat so baby's head is kept more sturdy. Ask for as many of the item as you anticipate on needing, if you don't use it consign it. If you already have items and don't want multiples then don't register for them. Normally you don't receive everything on your registry but if it's there you will be more likely to get it.Big Smile

  • You only put items on the registry that you still need people to buy you. I think some places let you do it online, but I liked going in the store and was WAY fun! Try to put a variety of items on your registry that are lots of different prices. That way you don't put just expensive things on there and there is something for everyone. People may want to go in together and get you an expensive item though, so don't forget to put some of those on as well. You will want a stroller, car seat, crib, pack n play, swing, bouncy seat, etc... as well as traditional layette items and clothes. Don't forget cribbing, and sheets!!! Good luck!

  • Just a side note! Registering for clothes has turned out to be pointless.. People love shopping for them and will buy the ones they like best regardless.

  • Whether you go in the store or do it online they will give you a "list" of junk you "NEED" for your registry. For the most part just toss that list in the trash. The store is just trying to boost their sales on certain items and brands, not to mention some brands are paying the stores to promote them via registries.

    Some things are basic: car seat, stroller, pack n' play, crib, diapers, wipes, bottles or breast feeding items.

    Everything else you choose is going to be based on your research of what you think is best. My personal 2 cents though, if you are having a boy a wipe warmer is a must! I learned this the hard way LOL, twenty "mommy blogs" told me they were a junk item but after the 15th time of getting peed or nearly peed on in the first few days my son was here my husband went out and bought one. I guess the mommy's behind those mommy blogs all had girls. When it comes to clothes, don't bother like someone else said. Not only will people pick out things that catches their eye but the descriptions are impossible to match to the sea of baby clothes in the store. 

    Good Luck! Big Smile

  • You can do your registry online but I found it overwhelming because you can't really browse as easily as you can at the store. Really - most brands are just fine and you don't have to be too picky other than personal preference with the look/style of the product. Make a list of some basic things you need and go put them on the registry. If you already have some things, don't worry about adding those to the registry unless you need more of something. Going to the store can give you some good ideas for things because they have it all laid out. Go to the customer service/returns section of Target and they give you a scanner gun to scan the items you want and add to the registry. Then you can manage it online from home. Good luck!