Bottle Warmer

  • My wife and I have had a running argument that has now lasted through three babies! She is devoted to using a bottle warmer for each and every bottle and I feel that if the baby is willing to drink a room temperature bottle, why set the precedent? It becomes difficult to be able to heat bottles at times when we are not at home. Who do you think is right?

    Chris, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • I say that if the baby is okay with drinking a room temperature bottle, then don't worry with warming it! We used to feed some of the babies in the nursery room temperature bottles. If your little one doesn't take it well, then you may need to warm it a bit, but I agree with you!

  • Well, as much as I hate to anger your wife, I'd have to side with you! Certainly a cold bottle is not easy on a baby's gut...they have to work extra hard to warm it up and digest it. However, a room temperature bottle is just fine and it does make life easier when you are out of the house. :-p 

  • i found our baby will yes drink room temp bottles but in turn it makes it harder for her to di gest cold you could say milk she prefers to drink warmed up milk it wont give her the fussiness or tummy aches leading to hickups we use a cup n run teh bottles under warm water 4 5 minutes(glass bottles) and 3 minutes for plastic bottles ur both right its just weather it will be easy for her to digest (warmed up)

  • Thanks to you for sort of siding with me! We have a new baby coming in February and I am lobbying for room temp bottles!

  • I have a feeling your wife might win out anyway! lol Old habits die hard. ;-)