• There is a wide array of both video and audio baby monitors on the market which range in price from about $10 to hundreds of dollars. If you have a high-priced monitor, do you think it has been worth the money and would you recommend it to others?  -- Chris, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • I don't have any monitors but i still wanted to weigh in on the subject. Our house is pretty small with the original 1950s building materials, so needless to say you can hear anything from anywhere in our house. For that reason we did not feel that we needed a monitor. There have been times when i felt that one would have been handy for example it would have made cleaning up the yard during my daughters nap times much easier if i had a monitor to carry with me outside. there have also been times in the middle of the night where i would wake up with this eerie feeling that the baby needs checked on. in those moments it would have been nice to have the video monitor so that i could just see that she was fine without risking waking her up by going into her room to check on her (she is a super light sleeper). In any case we're talking about piece of mind here so if paying a couple hundred dollars is going to give you that then yes it's worth the money. However if after you have spent all of that money on a high tech monitor you keep checking the monitor then going into the room to physically check the baby afterword then it probably isn't worth the money.

  • We love the monitor we have now with a camera. I have a friend who has an iPhone app with a baby monitor that you can type in a code and watch the screen from anywhere... too pricey for my blood! Brinny you are a superstar on Strongmoms and to see you and Hazel in your pic is really special. What a beautiful mommy and baby! Thanks for always responding with great advice and information!

  • Thank you.. I may not always have the most conventional advice, but i do try my best to see things from a logical point of view and bring something unique to the boards. I'm kind of a no nonsense sort of person when it comes to important things. I also don't like being seen as a  person who doesn't have anything original, meaningful, or useful to contribute... Especially since the information i put out there is seen by potentially anyone. Anyway thank you for your kind words... Glad you enjoy the pic, it took several tries to get my profile pic, but i think it's a keeper.

  • Whoa, the iPhone app sounds amazing! And expensive!! :-p It's amazing how far baby equipment has come.

  • Im 33 weeks pregnant with my first, so i am a newby but I read somewhere that the monitors that had video feeds, could be tapped into by anyone around your house. Which is a scary thought with all the creepers these days, so we are just going to get the kind that are audio only.