Crib bumper pads are dangerous?

  • We just did our registry last night, and my older sister just told me tonight that crib bumper pads are a "NO NO". She said they are dangerous because of suffocation if they baby moves around/rolls over into it (when more mobile). And also because of SIDS. How does everyone else feel about this? Advice / Opinions? Thanks!

  • They are said to be dangerous for those reason.. also because the strings that are used to attach them to the the railings can pose as a strangulation hazard. I used one on the back of the crib because my daughter repeatedly knocked her pacifiers out on the back side and it was always difficult to get them back. That being said i also watched her very closely to make sure she did not roll herself up against it. i recently removed it since she's become a master climber at 10 months old. i don't want her using it as a step stool. Anyway they are just so the baby doesn't bump his or her head on the railing, or get arms and legs stuck. I have had instances where my daughters tiny legs became wedged between the rails, but nothing alarming. Also babies don't exactly roll around with amazing speed when you should be most concerned about protecting their heads, so basically even if the baby bumps against the rails it shouldn't be hard.

  • Your sister is right - crib bumpers are not recommended anymore or considered safe. I'm really not sure why they come with the crib bedding anymore. It's frustrating because they can be a real hazard for SIDS like you mentioned and  most people think if they are in the package of bedding that they must be okay! You can buy the bedding but just toss the crib bumper out. Better safe than sorry! 

  • I agree with the others. Target and Babies R US does sell a mesh lining that goes around the crib. This is supposed to be used to block their little arms and legs from the slats but it is breathable and not like the puffy ones in the store. Talk to your pediatrician and see what he or she recommends.

  • My husband and I went and bought a bedding set which came with sheets, a blanket/wall hanging (??), a dust ruffle, and three smaller wall hangings which I had no use for but didn't have the option of excluding. Seperate, we had to buy the matching bumper. Over $250 for the kit and kaboodle! Not to mention he wanted to get the mobile too because it matched and that alone was another $70!

    I'm not a big spender at all. My whole life I've been a frugal person and if it weren't for him coaxing me and telling me it was ok, and that these were items we needed anyway, I would never have let him waste his money like that. We both BELIEVED we needed these things.

    I found out yesterday, however, that apparently these bumpers have been recalled for functional use. That the reason stores still can sell them is because they are now for "decorational" purposes only and need to be removed when the baby is inside. After I told my husband this, he went on the Lambs and Ivy (the company that made our set) website to verify this. Turns out that not only is the bumper for decorational purposes only, so is the blanket! Which is why it is advertised as a wall hanging as well! Are you serious?!?! I am NOT using a blanket as decoration! The only thing that is recommended in the crib are sheets and a light blanket, which I received plenty of both from my shower thanks to wonderful friends and family.

    So now there is about $350 worth of useless merchandise that will be going back to the store today. I have a bad feeling that they are going to try to give us store credit for it all and I will not be a happy camper if this is the case...

  • I know it sucks when you are stuck with an in store credit, especially when it is for such a large amount. On the bright side in store credits do not always have to be used at once and can be spread out over many shopping trips depending on the store. One thing to make sure of is if they put the money on a gift card check that there is not an annual fee to have a balance on the card (that is if you don't plan to use the whole amount right away). some gift cards have an annual fee and some don't so make sure you clarify before you finish your return. I like to think of them as a little savings account; especially when money is tight for the month and my daughter really needs this that or the other. Maybe there are other things your baby will need that you haven't thought of yet or you don't even know about right now. take me fore example.. I honestly thought in the depths of my mind that i didn't need a rocking chair... BOY WAS I WRONG". I survived without one, but my back paid the price that my wallet didn't want to if you know what i mean. Anyhow i hope it all works out they way you want.

  • Thanks Brinny. I am definitely trying to look on the brightside of the situation. I think we are going to try to take the merchandise back today after I get out of work so cross your fingers for us! We could really use that money to buy the crib we want for our little guy. :)

  • Ohiogrown - I feel your pain. Paid a good chunk of money for a crib set because I thought I needed a cute, coordinating set and realized what a waste of money it was for me since I couldn't use the bumper or the blanket. I though perhaps I'd use the blanket later when my son was older...never did. If you haven't used the set yet, I don't see why you can't get your money back. Do you have the original packaging? Good luck with that!

  • I was not aware that the crib bumper has become a serious hazard. Thanks for the updates everyone!

  • My mother laughed at me when I told her about the crib bumper recall. She reminded me that my two older brothers and I came out just fine and we all had bumpers. I just can't help but think "Why take a risk?" though. I mean, what if by some horrible chance my little one happened to be one of the ones that suffocated. She would never live with herself.

    We ended up taking the whole kit and caboodle back. Everything was still in the original packaging, even in the same Babies R Us bags we brought them home yet (still working on the nursery) but oddly enough, the receipt was nowhere to be found. We searched everywhere. It shouldn't have been a problem, though, as it said on their website, because I used my rewards card when purchasing it. ...Or so I thought. Apparently the cashier did not ring it through when I handed her my card which did annoy me slightly simply because we bought so much with that transaction, including a mattress pad and a rather expensive bottle set. None of those points were added to my card... :(

    Oh well. After a little searching, they printed up our receipt and refunded our money. Kudos, Babies R Us. You may not be as bad as my friends have warned. :)

  • Ohiogrown - whew!!! So glad you got your money back!! What a relief. I know that your mom probably thinks it's silly because you all DID turn out okay but the risk just isn't worth it. I've known some families who have really just been overcome with grief after losing their baby to SIDS. It's so terribly sad...nothing I'd ever want to go through. Good luck picking out some crib sheets and using your hard earned money elsewhere!!

  • Thanks Julie! I was really relieved. We had decided that if we got the money back, we would use it on our crib but fate apparently has other plans for it. My girlfriend and I were talking the other night and she asked me what else I still needed. When I told her we planned to go crib shopping here soon she stopped me mid sentence and told me she was just getting ready to give away her just turned 3 year old's crib to an agency that could find a mom in need. Even better, she skipped the middle man and found a mom in need herself. I'm so excited now because I'm sure there is so much more I still need to buy!