Top Baby Registry Picks

  • People often are uncertain as to what to put on their baby registries. There are so many items that aren’t necessary but just nice to have. If you had to pick ONE baby registry item that you couldn’t live without, what would it be? (This assumes you have the big basics such as a crib and a carseat). --Julie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • Wow that is a tough one! Um.... I think I couldn't live without shout stain gel!!! I know it is not a typical baby registry item but I give one to all my friends who are expecting! It gets out tough baby vitamins, baby poop mess, and spit up!! Love it!

  • That's really great to know because I'm currently experimenting with stain removers to get some tough baby poop stains out! I'll be getting that and trying it! :-) 

  • Same here... no shortage of stains on furniture, clothes, tables, floors, walls, ceilings, appliances, toys, carpet, etc., etc., etc! I always think it's good to collaborate w friends/family members to give a group gift like a car seat, stroller, baby monitor or somewhat pricey item.

  • I use simple green. It's user friendly and it's non toxic. Great for a multi cleaner. Smells good too.

  • I love going in on the bigger items with other people. Those are usually the items that are most needed. Something else that I've also found is fun - if I am giving to mom who has already had several kids and it seems like she has it all, I give her a gift certificate for a massage or pedicure. Who doesn't love to be pampered when you are pregnant??

  • I do a lot of sewing and for my cousin, sister,and a friend i am making diaper bags. Throughout their pregnancies i have also just bought little things here and there. I have put together an entire baby care kit to go in the diaper bags, and definitely took advantage of similacs free bottle with the formula packs. I use the formula, and the bottles are going to my cousin.  Also for my sister i am going in on a larger item gift for her.