Holiday Gifts

  • Over the recent holiday season, what was the most useful gift you and/or your little one received? What toys or games did they take an immediate interest in and are still using well into the New Year? -- Chris, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • Hazel got a toy that shoots little plastic balls into the air. She loves it. I think more than the balls flying around she likes to hear the music it plays and likes to try to share the balls with the dogs. She also got a giant teddy bear that she likes to wrestle with. I don't know why but it seems she's always rolling around with it.

  • That sounds cute Brinny! It's amazing what the kids take a liking to and what the kind of toss aside. It sounds like the teddy bear is getting a workout!

  • My little girl also loves teddy bear...Every time we go to the mall she always love to see bears and ask me to have one. She already have a lot of stuffed toys in her room.


  • My son is 3 and is absolutely loving some dress-up clothes he got - a fireman, a knight costume, and a football player. He runs around dressing up as different things and using his imagination. He also got some board games that we are playing a lot. My little man is 5 months old now - we didn't really get him gifts this year since he was completely unaware of Christmas altogether at 3 months old. ;-) He is using all his brother's old toys now! 

  • COSTUMES! KIds love costumes and you can get them really cheap (50%-75% off) right after Halloween. I save them and then give them as  Christmas gifts. Boys love the superhero costumes and the little girls love the princesses!

  • Costumes are awesome! My youngest dresses up like Bat Girl and we play the theme music to the TV show while the other girls are the bad guys. I have even shot video of them doing it! Great call!

  • Sounds like costumes are a universal favorite! :-)