Ear Protection

  • I’ve had the opportunity to take my two little boys to some events lately that were just too noisy for my comfort. I’m very aware of how too much noise can damage hearing and I’d like to protect their ears. I’ve seen pictures of baby/toddler headphones to cancel out noise. Have any of you tried them? Where did you purchase them and how did they seem to work? – Julie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • We used some headphones that were designed to cancel out noise when we took our baby to a 4th of July celebration. He did fine with them and actually I think he liked them because he didn't want to take them off!!!

  • I guess that makes sense...don't necessarily  have to buy ones specifically for toddlers. :-) 

  • Wow that's pretty nice it can really help. 

  • Getting a headphone that fits properly is important because your child may not want to wear them once purchased. Try them on first. Soft outer cushions are key to filtering noise while still being able to hear. Keep in mind that ear buds will filter out some of the outside noise but may be uncomfortable for your little one. I wear Sennheiser HD 280's which are noise dampening but not considered an active cancelling headphone. My son has a pair of "Monster Jam" headphones that he wears to events and does really well with them. Dampening and Cancelling differ in that dampening will filter but still allow you to hear. Cancelling units are battery operated (they create white noise on various frequencies to tune out outside noise) and can be EXTREMELY expensive.

  • Gary - Thank you!! I had no idea about the difference between dampening and canceling. I assume the Monster Jam headphones are dampening? I may need to check them out - we are going to be heading to some loud sporting events with our little baby and need some ear protection. 

  • Anytime. Yes, the Monster Jam phones are rubber outer with a foam insert in each side. They dampen the sound well, especially since monster Jam events are extremely loud. Check out monsterjam.com store to see them. Also, you may be able to find them on NASCAR sites and even John Deere makes a children's set.