Front/back or side by side strollers?

  • I’m getting a double stroller for my two boys…I’ve seen ones where the kids are single file in front of each other or ones where they are side by side. Does anyone have any experience with one being better than the other?  -- Julie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • We have had two and while they both can be useful, I found the side by side was better. I think our side by side was just better quality, but the kids would argue over who would sit in front and in back. Side by side solves that problem right away!

  • There is not one that is good for everything, so you will have to evaluate your needs. If you frequent places like the mall and the library, then a front and back stroller is a must cause it will fit down the aisles. 

    If you go places like the zoo, festivals, and parks, then a side by side is a must because it is easy to push and more fun to ride. 

  • I actually ended up getting two double strollers. Luckily, my cousin is giving me her BOB double stroller (side-by-side) which will be good for outdoors, zoo, parks, beach but not so fabulous for the mall. So, I was looking for a front/back stroller that would be good for the mall and tight places and get the kinderwagon hop and I love it!

  • Ah, good point about the types of places you go! I tend to be outdoors more often so the side by side seems like a good fit for me!

  • Hand-me-downs are a great resource and we are not too proud to accept almost any! However, you need to be aware of the latest safety guidelines, as many baby products/equipment can be found to have features that make it unsafe after a couple of years.