Diaper Bags

  • Ok moms and dads i'm on a quest to designing the ultimate diaper bag. I have found that often they are really cutsie and geared toward babyish themes. They don't have zipper pockets for important things like wallets or keys, and come with unnecessary accessories. they are often too big or too small, and i find with every one that i come across I am saying that  this would be perfect if.... So when you are shopping for a diaper bag what features do you look for or think are most important? Do you prefer large bags or the smaller tote size bags? For me an important feature is there needs to be a zipper pocket since the diaper bag often doubles as a purse. I prefer that the appearance is geared more toward the person carrying the bag vs the baby and last I have designed a diaper pouch that can hold the travel wipe case and 4 diapers (inspired by my daughters love of dragging the diapers out of the diaper bag and spreading them throughout the house). anyhow i'd love to know what features you would like to see in a diaper bag.

  • Believe it or not, I like a backpack. They have lots of compartments for things and you can put them on your back and have both hands for the baby. Plus they come in lots of cool adult colors and don't look so "babyish.

  • Agreed about the backpacks... however my wife frustrates me because she carries this large floral bag with no side pockets and most frustrating of all... no shoulder straps! I want to hide it so she chooses another one!

  • HAHAHA Answer Dad that is too funny. I can see where that bag can be very frustrating for you. We actually have two. One that i carry and one that my fiance takes with him when he goes on little trips with Hazel. I'm in the process of designing what i like to call a dad bag. Basically it will have a very streamline look, canvas type heavy duty fabrics (very little pattern if any at all) and maybe a leather/ faux leather lined base, neutral colors and plenty of pockets for all the baby stuff you may need and a safe place to store important things. seeing that backpacks seem to be a popular choice i think i'm going to design a strap system that can convert from carrying over the shoulder to backpack style..... Hmmm thoughts are rolling. Just cant decide if i should make the top zip closed or zip with a top flap.

  • Zip top because it'd be so frustrating to drop it accidently and have everything come spilling out. I completely agree with you about the diaper bag being geared towards the person carrying it - good call. I like an easy pocket to get to on the outside for just stuffing keys/cell phone in when you are holding everything and don't want to have to unzip it. Long enough strap to be able to wear across your chest and not just over your shoulder. Easily washed or wiped out inside. I'll have to think about this more...great idea! 

  • Great ideas ladies... I think it's time we contact Similac and discuss our new line of baby gear which we design with the input of all of the experience of Strongmoms moms and dads in mind! Brinny your idea of baby gear that works for dads is a good one. I know moms do most of the shopping for baby products but there is virtually NO baby gear that tries to appeal to men.

  • AnswerDad - my husband agrees! :-) 

  • I have a Marc Jacobs diaper bag and I love the design of my bag but even when it is empty it is super heavy and I hate that because I'm carrying a baby plus and thirty pound diaper bag and it sucks. But I love my bag because it isn't super girly so my husband isn't embarrassed to carry it and it is different colors so it is easy to match my outfits with. I also have a avon diaper bag and I love it. It's not huge but it is light and I use it mostly as a purse but I just put a bottle and diapers and a pacifier and its a quick go to the store type of bag. 

  • Steffie - I didn't know there was a Marc Jacobs diaper bag! I'm going to google it and check it out! Glad you reviewed it, though. Sounds like a bit of a pain...a heavy bag is really the last thing you need! 

  • My diaper bag is a messenger bag. Over one shoulder and hangs on the hip: Secure on my body but allows both my hands to be free. I love the flap over the top for when I have to stuff extra stuff in there and cant zip the zipper to seal the bag, I know the bag is still closed, it even has a buckle to seal the flap! Plus it has zippers for my cell and keys that are easily accessible since they are on right on my hip.It has a bottle holder on the side so a drink is easy to get too. Its gender neutral so anyone can use it.

    The down falls I have with it, it can get heavy on my shoulder and with the bag sitting on my hip I can carry my baby only on the opposite side, so I can be "wide load" walking. I can change sides of the diaper bag and the baby to alleviate the pressure on my shoulder.