stroller handle bars

  • Does anyone have any suggestions for a double stroller where the parent handle bars are high enough for a parent 6 foot tall (I am long legged, 36 in. inseam) so my arms are higher up. I am looking for a stroller where the handle bars are at a comfortable level for me to push. I have an umbrella stroller but hardly ever use it  because I have to lean so much to reach the handles.  I also have a graco stroller but again the handle isn't high enough for me. At this minute my girl is 13 months old and I am 3 months pregnant, but pushing her stroller is so uncomfortable because of the lean I have to have to push. Any suggestions appreciated.

  • I have an instep safari single jogging stroller (it also comes in a tandem) and the handle height is adjustable. It lowers a lot for shorter people and swings up for taller people... If you google it then you will be able to see the full line of colors and styles. I love my stroller, it handles really well and rides very smoothly. It has a number of very nice features, but the only real down side is it is fairly large. mine was in the $150 range so it was pretty reasonably priced as well. Hopefully some of the other parents will have some more input for you as well.

  • I almost never use my umbrella stroller for the same reason as you! I use a double jogging stroller for my two boys - it is huge and cumbersome compared to a smaller stroller but I don't mind because it's a comfortable height for me to push! Check out some of the jogger ones out there. I think also that McLaren strollers seem to have adjustable handles?? I'd call Babies R Us and ask if they have options - they see lots of different models come through and might have some advice.