• Our camera recently died and we are looking around at different models to replace it with. Do any of you have a camera that you really love and does a good job capturing your kids’ adventures? Please share! --Julie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • Oh goodness hmmmm.. I have a Nikon D50 which is about 7 years old now. i have two interchangeable lenses that are both great for different things. It is a bit heavy to carry around for long periods, but I LOVE IT! being someone who loves photography it has been a great camera for me. My ex's parents actually gave it to me as a beginner and I am now looking to upgrade when my budget allows it. I would suggest brainstorming and writing down what exactly you want out of your camera. What types of photos do you take, how many photos do you take, how often will you use it, where will you being using it. do you want a larger camera with changeable lenses or a Point and shoot that is easy to slip in your pocket? each of these questions will narrow down your options until you get to a selection to try out. If you are someone who likes to crop your photos then i would go with a very high resolution camera and make sure it's set to the highest resolution. Happy Hunting!

  • I hear great stuff about Nikon! I'm mostly looking for something that will take great pictures with clarity and focus without a lot of fuss. I'd like it to be able to possibly take video too? I won't be doing a ton of editing with my pictures...thanks for the suggestions! I'll keep working on my list of "must haves". 

  • My simple advice is to not spend too much money... these days you can buy a camera for $200 that sold for $1,000 five years ago. Similar advances in technology will occur in the future, so buy a camera that will capture all the moments of childhood and don't worry about that camera that the photogs are using on the sidelines of the New York Giants games!