diaper disposal

  • All you already parents I need advice....diaper genie or no? 

  • I didn't have one because i think they are a waste of money. When my daughter was little we had a small bathroom trashcan with a lid  and honestly it filled up so quickly that there wasn't any time for odor to develop before we took the bag to the outside garbage. Now that she is older and knows how to open things we just take the diaper to the trash can. Just make sure that you are being choosey about what to spend your money on, because there are a lot of things out there that are made out to be things that you "need" but in actuality are just a luxury and at times a serious waste of money.

  • We have a diaper champ which uses regular garbage can bags. It works well, but you can still smell the diapers. Unfortunately, there is no perfect system. We found that putting the diaper champ in the garage and walking the diapers out there works well to keep our house from smelling bad. You have to change it frequently if you want to keep it in the house. Good luck

  • We had one with our first but haven't used it with our second - we just have a small trash can like the other ladies mentioned that gets taken out frequently enough to keep the smell at bay. Our diaper genie actually smelled horrific because the diapers sat in there so long between take-outs. I used to absolutely gag trying to take it out to the trash. lol