double stroller for nontwins?

  • Hi I have an 7 month old daughter but just found out I'm preggos again. My question should I invest in a twin stroller or just keep my mclaren that by the way I LOVE. In theory my daughter should be walking by the time the baby is born and I really don't like the Idea of carrying a big bulky stroller around. But is it practical with 2 babies?

  • It sounds like your daughter will be around 14 months? when your second is born.. I will just say that it would be in your best interest to look into a stroller that holds two children if that is the route you want to go. I will tell you that my daughter is now 15 months old and it doesn't matter where we go; if she is not restrained in a shopping cart or stroller it is impossible to get anything done. They call it the exploring age and they are super curious about EVERYTIHNG and will just take off and usually not listen when you call for them to come back. I was at the fabric store today and my daughter would run in and out of each and every aisle giggling while i chased her down. So do whatever you need to, but it would definitely be in your  best interest to have some way of restraining her when you want to.. especially with a new baby to keep an eye on also. Have you checked the brand of stroller you have and love to see if they make any tandem or side by side models? 

  • I found out I was pregnant again when my son was 6 months old. We already got a twin stroller. I figured we would need one and there was a special trade in event at Toys R Us, so I traded on our single for a double. I think it is worth it depending how how old the older one will be when the other is born. My son will be a 15 months when my daughter is born, so it was worth it for me to get one.

  • It's worth it to have a double stroller - when we go to the zoo, long walks, etc, my older child gets tired eventually and needs the stroller. It's also nice for when I just want to keep them both self contained. I do have to say that for the first little while, I just put my little one in my Ergo carrier and put my older child in the single stroller. Now that my baby is 8 months old, though, I use the double fairly often. I wouldn't get rid of your single stroller yet, though! 

  • Some of the new double strollers are not as bulky as the older styles. I had 3 kids stroller age and only had a double but one kid stood on the back bar  and I had him between me and the stroller so he could not fall. I had some of the best times walking with all 3. I had 3 kids within 3 1/2 hears. LOL Keeping them in one place helped. Chasing one while another was in single stroller was not fun. So I got my double with baby 2.  

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    I just have to say-you have your hands full and sounds like you have it down! Nice work! -Jess

  • I think it's worth it.  I found out I was pregnant again when my first was 9 months. By the time #2 got here, #1 was a great walker, but it  was so nice having a double for long walks if #1 got tired orif we went places with crowds like the zoo, farmers market, etc... I wouldn't get rid of the single though.  It's great to have options depending on your activity.  Just remember that your older child, if you just let them walk when you go for walks, might be hard to keep on the task of walking :) They like to stop and carefully inspect every rock, bug, flower, piece of litter, etc. that they come across, so a nice non-stop walk will be hard to do if both aren't in a stroller.  Although those are pretty cute and fun walks to go on :)  Also, there is a double stroller that is a sit and stand if you think your older child would prefer standing at that point.

  • I would say so, even if she's walking by then she might get sleepy or tired and want to sit or be held...idk about you, but carrying a child that big gets tiring! haha, and if you don't want a twin you can check out double...and just thinking maybe they make something where she can have like a shelf/ledge in the back (like a dog sled) where she can stand and hold on the back of the stroller...this might be difficult though for pushing.