Baby proofing help

  • Our apartment has electric heaters. For those who don't know they are about a foot high, about 4-7 feet long (depending on the room), and along the wall. They are metal and have pointy edges. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to baby proof them, or cover them up?

    One is located in the hall way, and I'd love to let her explore the whole house (minus kitchen/bathroom), but she climbs on everything that's higher then the ground. I worry that if she falls she'll cut her head/face open!

    I covered the one in the bedroom with pillows bc it's smaller. I could do that with the hall one, but if there are any suggestions for other covers, I'm open to them!

  • Well for fire safety i would suggest not covering them with the pillows or blankets or anything that will easily go up in flames. I know you're worried about her falling on the heaters and injuring herself, but a fire will kill her.. so i would suggest maybe getting some pipe insulator (It's long foam tubes with a slit on one side you can find at the hardware stores, and even places like walmart) maybe wrap the edges in that so if she falls there is padding around the pointy edges but don't cover the vents. That should be at least a short term solution. After you have done that i would call a baby proofing company and ask to see if they have anything to make those vents safer. you can even try contacting the fire department to see if they can give you an ideas on how you can safely baby proof them... But Safety first for your whole family and the families living around you. So get a hold of the professionals to guide you in the right direction. 

  • Lol they're not on, but I get the fire safety. No vents sadly I wish we did you can at least cover that with a vented rug/mat. I can look up pipe insulators. I didn't know there were baby proofing companies, I just figured random companies made baby proof stuff as well as the rest of their stuff. Never thought of the fire department. Thank you for all the great ideas!

  • Great idea to call the fire department! They probably see lots of situations like this and may know what to do to help! 

  • Clark-

    If you talk to the fire department I'd love to know, and I am guessing a lot of our other parents would as well, love to know what they said.  


  • I haven't called, I decided she's fine with what living room we have so it wont be a problem. If we move somewhere with similar things I'll call and update everyone (: