2nd time mom having triplets!

  • I have a 2 yr old and am pregnant with triplets...any advise on how to get baby stuff cheaper for 3???

  • Oh my gosh what fun triplets will be!  Is your older child aware that his/her life is about to change? :)  So far as baby clothes and supplies I would hit all the discount type stores-TJ Max... I can't think of the other stores names!  Garage sales & goodwill are two more resources.  Then I'd watch the sales at the department stores, Target, Kmart.  Lastly Costco has nice stuff for good prices...diapers too!  


  • I think the best route would be shopping online and looking for special offers and coupons. Sign up at places to get e-mails or letters on sales! Carter's stores (if you have any near you) always have AWESOME sales and great clearance items.

  • Wow!! Congrats!! I might try Craigslist for some cheaper items that you can get from people who are getting rid of stuff. I'd echo JessBaby and consider shopping at Costco or some type of store that does things in bulk. If money is a concern, consider asking your OB-GYN if they have forms for you to apply for WIC (Women Infant Children) program - they can help with food costs, etc. Good luck!! 

  • You should also check out Amazon.com. They have diapers on sale there and if you sign up for subscribe and save you can have them delivered to your door every month. Then you save an additional 20% plus more sometimes. I get my diapers that way and then you don't even have to leave the house. YOu can also subscribe and save on food and formula as well. As far as clothes go, I would check out a local 'used clothing' outlet. In my town we have a place called "Once Upon a Child". The sell gently used clothes for sometimes just a couple of bucks.

  • 3Babies2014 -It's been a few days since you posted and so I wanted to just check in and see how you are doing.  Have you have looked into any of these resources?  Is there anything else we can do to help?  Would love an update! :)