Sippy Cups

  • My little guys are pretty hard on sippy cups – chewing on the straws, tossing them everywhere. I’d love to get recommendations for sippy cups that hold up under extreme conditions. ;-) -- Chris, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • Great Question!!! I have been through many many sippy cups as well and i have found that my two favorite brands are Nuby and Avent. The Nuby cups have held up really well with my daughter throwing them against hard surfaces time after time and with shoving her fingers through the spout holes. The Avent cups that i have been using most recently are EXTREMELY durable. The straw cup has a soft super thick walled short straw with a no leak valve. The lid twists so that the straw can also be concealed. To take the lid off you have to push in two tabs and twist so that the kiddies can't get it off easily and so that it won't just pop off when thrown. The other Avent cup that we use a lot is a training cup that helps teach toddlers how to drink out of a regular cup. The top where the spout would normally be is more of a spring loaded saucer that goes around the entire inside of the lid. When the child takes a drink the saucer pushes down and releases the liquid. When they aren't drinking from it the lid is sealed so that the liquid doesn't leak out. Anyway these are what we have been using with great success and i assure you my daughter is EXTREMELY rough on sippy cups.

  • I think that durability is my number on requirement!  Thanks Brinny for the run down on your fav. cups!