my baby's health

  • Hi to all moms

    I will become a mom this August!!, and I am really concern about my baby's health. The allergies issue is at the top of my worries. I would like an advice about what is a better choice between buying an air humidifier or an air purifier for my baby's room?

    Is there any of you who can help me?





  • You need to asked your doctor what you should do about putting an air humidifier or an air purifier. 

  • Congratulations, Jenny! In my experience, it's best to hold off on anything like this until the baby actually comes. More often than not, we end up worrying over lots of issues that never come to pass -- and then end up stressed out over nothing. 

    What I would do is wait and see if your baby is having issues with allergies, and if you have concerns, discuss them with your doctor. He can give you the best recommendations and assessments.


  • I can't say which one is better or which you need, but we utilize our humidifier frequently in the winter especially. I feel it helped our daughter have fewer colds this past winter. We have forced hot air, so it can get dry.

    Also, no matter what you do, make sure you check the air filters in your home and that baby's room is well-ventilated.

  • There really is no way to know that your baby will have allergies. I don't think anyone can go wrong with an air purifier though. However, you may never need any thing at all. We usually recommend humidifiers to our patients with stuffy noses and coughs during the winter. The air is very dry from the central heat and it helps to moisten the nasal passage ways and the lungs.

    I've never used anything at all with my children unless they were sick.