Cloth versus Disposable

  • Have any of you tried cloth diapering? Do you have any particular brands that are your favorites? I’d love to hear people’s experiences with cloth, as I’m considering trying it with my next child! --Julie, Strongmoms facilitator

  • We decided to try cloth diapers and we're loving them! This is our first child and he's only 2 months old. Currently were trying out the 2 popular one size brands Charlie banana and fuzzibunz. We love the fit on our Charlie banana but they're not as absorbent as our fuzzibunz our only complain on the fuzzibunz is they're kind of bulky when compared to Charlie banana. 

  • Hats off to you for using cloth! Wish more young people would, Idid 25 years ago!

  • Justice - thanks for the reviews!! I think I would place priority on absorbancy...when you say they are bulky, do you mean it's hard to get pants over them? Do Fuzzibunz come with liners or do you just wear them as-is? 

    Tobyray - I think there is a growing trend towards cloth diapering! How many kids do you have?