Designer Baby Clothing

  • I’ll be the first to admit I’m a cheap date. Gourmet food and the opera are a little too extravagant for my tastes. So are designer clothes, especially when it comes to shopping for my girls. My philosophy is if it’s cute, functional and the price is right, I’m not really concerned whose name is on the label. Yet, I know moms who are adamant about making sure their kids are dressed to the nines at all times in the latest and greatest designers. I say, to each her own! Is baby chic a must for you or do your tastes lean more toward the practical?

  • I prefer namebrand clothes. In my experience they are higher quality, fade less, and last longer. I am also a sucker for smocked dresses. I do not take my children to play dates in Sunday clothes, but they always look cute. That being said, I NEVER pay retail. I shop Gymboree (my fav for casual clothes) when they have 30% sales. Then I always have a coupon code. I end up paying not much more than WalMart brands. For nice dresses I always shop Ebay. I've never paid more than 30.00 for a smocked dress and most of them retail for 70 or so.

  • if its cute it dont matter to me, i am a big fan of carters tho if its on sale i will by it but otherwise no, i go to target a lot and they have some pretty cute outfits for about $10, i went shoping the day after thanksgiving at fred myers and got all of her next size for 60 and 75% off it was like $6 to $8 (carters) an outfit. i usualy get her dresses at wallmart there like $15 or so. she is growing so fast if i am always bying clothes when they are cute and on sale

  • To quote Shakespeare "What is in a name..." If it's cute and afforable, that's pretty much the selling point for us in my household. She has clothing from Forever21 baby (a gift) to Walmart, they all do the same thing to me - cover her skin. We usually go with afforable over namebrand, though I'll admit if it's a steal we'll splurge a little for something cute but a bit more pricey than normal. We'd rather put the extra $$ towards the future than toward something she'll outgrown in a month or two anyways.

  • I also love shopping consignment sales. I bought 2 pairs of Gap jeans last week for 9.00! They are my fav, but I never buy them because they are so expensive (at least to me). You can get really cute kids stuff consignment.

  • Or garage sales. I sometimes end up buying a designer jacket or a pair of jeans (more pricey items) at garage sales if they're in good condition. I'd never go out to the mall to get them, though.

    I love Carter's, too, but like Shorty Suger said, only on sale or at the discount stores. I'm lucky that there are a few different Carter's outlets in my area, and they always have 50-70 percent off. I agree, if it's cute and the price is right, that's all that matters.

  • I have boys so its even harder to find cute clothes.... I rely on hand-me-downs and exchanges.  Walmart is my favorite and its the cheapest.  I do splurge every once in a while.  But exactly the same as all of you..... SALE RACKS!!! whats the point of paying full price when it'll be on sale when you need it for that season and the next seasons clothes are out... I live in jersey..... it's still winter and spring clothes are out already!  it's averaging 30-45 degrees everyday and the sale racks are full of pants and long sleeved shirts.  it's great!

  • i agree if its cute it dosent matter but i wont spend alot on 1 outfit, i go to wal-mart,and Ross dress for less alot and find cute cloth. i dont see the porpose of spending alot of money on cloths when they growing out of them so fast anyway .  

  • I always shop Children's Place online. Their "outlet" has shirts for 3.00 and pants for not much more. I just bought my daughter 17 items for only 60.00!

  • my friends and i swap clothing.  it always seems that someone is having a baby so we just swap clothing.  i have from walmart to ralph lauren clothes.  i think that one thing to remember is as long as clothes are clean,decent and cute. who cares.  the kids don't.