Any good generic diapers?

  • Are Parent's Choice diapers the same as the Sam's Club Members Mark diapers? I am thinking so because they are both wal-mart generics... but honestly I have no idea!
  • Personally i absolutly hate luvs my daughter leaks right through them at night, we only will buy the bjs brand now they work so great! and if you have a bjs membership they will send you coupons for them too which is another plus.Angel

  • I have used parents choice from walmart for years for my two youngest and plan on using them for my next one too.  never had any problems with them at all and they are so much cheaper!

  • I've heard that Wal-mart diapers are as good as the more expensive kind but I don't know the brand name. (=

  • I loved loved loved walmarts "white cloud" brand but recently noticed they dont carry them anymore so i tried some other brands and I also LOVE and sware by pampers but could save a $ every now and then haha. I found that Albertsons carries a "Baby" brand that are much like my beloved "White cloud" haha good luck!

  • I would say to just buy a small pack of generic diapers and try them out.  Every baby is different and so everyone is probably going to recommend something different.  Personally, the only name brand diaper that we like is Huggies.  And the only generic brand that we have liked so far is from Sam's Club (can't remember the name of them right now...can only picture the box, lol).  We hated Pampers, Luvs, Parent's Choice, etc....our son would leak through them so easily.

    See what your baby is happiest and most comfortable in...and doesn't leak through!

  • We have tried everything. Pampers were good when she was little bitty but they are way to expensive so we switched to huggies and she leaked through every diaper!! SO I tried the walmart brand Parents Choice and the Sams brand Member Mark. And even though they are both walmart they are very different. I love the sams brand they are great. She has only leaked a couple times and it was when she was sick and had diarrea. They walmart brand was reall rough and hard on my babies legs and gave her a rash. Hope this helps!!

  • I have also used the Costco brand diapers. They are way much cheaper than Huggies and Pampers. They are soft, flexible and leak proof. Good luck.

  • i think tha the only good generic quality diapers are luvs. there not too bad. but honestly you should stick to pampers because there softer and they hold more.

  • TARGET! They have the best diapers for the best price. LO is wearing size 4 and I think the bigger box is 82 diapers for $13.69!!!

  • My son leaked Pampers like crazy so I started using Huggies. I loved them and wouldn't let anything else touch his tooshie! When he was 1 1/2 I had heard great things from some friends about the Target diapers so I bought the smallest pack I could. I've never bought another Huggies since! I think they're great and even drier than Huggies. Unless they're saturated, like after an extra long night's sleep where he drank lots before bed, they never feel mushie or have that wet feeling on the outside. He's never leaked and despite being extremely active they never get out of place on him. I'm expecting again soon and plan to use the Target brand as soon as we're out of newborn sizes (they start at a 1).

  • SO now my 4 1/2 month old baby girl is 13 months!  I can't believe it!  We ended up trying the Target brand and we like them alot!  We still used the Huggies for daycare until we felt that the Target brand would hold up.  But as she grew, the Huggies seem to not fit her as well.  They are too tight around her legs.  She is still good in size 4 Target, but the Huggies 4 is too tight around her legs and size 5 is too much diaper. The target brand has proven itself well through the night, on long trips and at daycare.  So that is what we are sticking with!  And the savings are so very nice.  I realize that every baby has a different body shape, so Target may not work for everyone.  But just try the smallest box of a different brand and try it in all situations like through the night, while playing and moving, etc.  The worst case senario is that you don't like them and you donate them to a friend or someone in need. As far as feeling like I wasted money....well, this is my baby girl, so one less movie or pizza is worth knowing her tooshie won't be gooshie!  I have heard from several parents that Pampers were great until around 6 months and then most of them switched to Huggies.  Once they start walking, which baby J did at 8 months, then it's really an individual circumstance.  Good luck to anyone who reads this and thank you to everyone who responded to my original post!  Love to all!

  • I have used Kirkland Brand and also Target Brand - both are very good.  Watch for coupons on name brand and you can save.  The ideal price for diapers now is about  $.10 cents a diaper.  Sometimes, I use the pampers 12 hour just at night - or busy shopping day - but I only buy those on sale.  The trick is to calculate the per diaper cost and stay on target at $.10 cents.

  • We have been using Target brand diapers and they seem to work really well.  They are the cheapest I have found, cost is about 12 cents a diaper (sz. 3) and don't have to worry about looking for coupons.