Any good generic diapers?

  • Hey!  I am a 1st time mom of a 4 1/2 month old baby girl.  She is about 26 inches long and 18+ pounds.  Does anyone have suggestions about good quality generic diapers?  We are very happy with Pampers, but anywhere we can spare a dollar or two would be welcomed.  Thanks for the advice!

  • When I had my daughter (4 years ago)  I tried out several brands of generic diapers, mostly because people gave them to me.  I couldn't find any that worked as well as Huggies or Pampers.  This time around (2 week old son) I have more generics that people have given me, but I'm not sure we're even going to use them.  I might just give them to someone that really needs them.

  • hi! I have found the BabiesRUs diapers to work really well for nighttime, they are the Especially for Baby brand...also I have used Stop and Shop brand, theyre not too bad either...I use luvs during the day and especially for baby at night...they also sell little packages so you can try them out, and if you dont like them, you didnt get too many!!! hope that helps!!

  • Hello!

    I can tell you which diapers not to use!  The Target brand diapers are horrible!  My daughter woke up with wet pajamas the only 2 nights that I used them.  I do like the Parent's choice diapers from Wal-Mart.  They keep her dry and she is a serious peeer!!!! :)

  • Hi, we used generics for a long time (baby 1-8 months old) and had no problems with leakage etc.  If you live in an area where you have Kroger supermarkets, we really liked the Kroger Comforts brand (but we didn't like the other option, Kroger Value brand because the tab overlap was quite short).  The generics I used felt a bit 'papery' compared to pampers (we only used pampers for the 1st month though), but my little baby truly didn't seem to care.   I definitely liked the money-saving aspect!  The only reason we eventually switched out is 'cos we went to biodegradable ones purely for environmental reasons... otherwise we'd still be happily staying with our supermarket generics.  Hope this helps!

  • If you have a Costco in your area their store brand "kirkland" diapers are the exact same as huggies.  I have purchased Sams Club members mark but I have tired them yet.

  • My son just moved to size 2 diapers.  I have always used and LOVED pampers.  But someone gave me Luvs at my baby shower and we have not had any problems with them.  Hope this helps! 

    Pleasantly Surprised!!

  • I never had any luck with generic diapers. While my preference is Huggies, I've found that Luvs are pretty good too. I think they're the cheapest of the name brands.

  • I find that you get what pay for when it comes to diapers.  If you cheap out, you will not only go through more diapers, but more clothes due to leaks and such.  I used luvs with my daughter (who is now 12), but I use huggies and pampers on my son (2 months)... I tried the bargain brand and store brand diapers and didnt like the fact that they didnt work as well and also were more scratchy on his skin (especially the walmart brand)..

    Good luck with whatever you choose :)

  • The member's Mark diapers at Sam's club are great. They are $10 cheaper than the huggies and pampers!!! I have 3 boys and have used them on all 3. I use coupons whenever I can-I get tons from huggies (sign up on website). I do buy the huggies baby wipes though.Sam's club has a huge box and tehy take coupons! Good Luck!!!

  • As a first time mom myself of a now 11 month baby girl, my experience has been this... Pamper are great at first. If you can afford them for the rest of thier diaper wearing days thats great lol. I started trying the Walmart "Parents choice but when she was 7 months old, they weren't good enough. They leaked and I change her every hour and a half to 2 hours because she has a recurring yeast infection now. SO I tried the Luvs and I won't go back to paying big prices ever again. Thier commercials are VERY true when they say you get smart and try Luvs. They stay dry core actually comed up higher in the back than Huggies or Pampers so they are great for overnights. Especially when they are supposed to be on thier backs !!! The cheapest place I found them was at Walmart in the large quantity boxes. Hope this helps. Oh and the Costco brand Kirkland are a good one to if you have a mambership. They have very large quantity boxes as well.

  • I am a new mother of a six month old lil' boy and to be completely truthful I am in love with Huggies.  If it's not Huggies...I won't let him wear it.   I have packages of diapers leftover from my babyshower that are Pampers, Loves, etc. and we do use those mainly because I wasn't just going to waste hundreds of diapers. 

  • My daughter is almost 2mo. and I love the Pampers and Huggies. I tried the Luvs and the Wal-Mart brand but she leaked through both of them, and they were more of a "plastic" for the stretchy leg part, which gave her a rash since its so hot outside being summer. My friend loves the Target brand and swears by them, but I haven't tried them yet.

  • With my first child, I used Pampers for the longest time and was very happy.  Then someone mentioned to me that I may save some money with White Cloud.  This was almost 11 years ago, mind you, but I was VERY  happy.  The White Cloud had the same fabric feel to them that most generic diapers do not.  They also held up well and we did not have a problem with leaks.  I hope that this helps :)

  • We use Parent's Choice and they work well for us.