Any good generic diapers?

  • Start watching the drug stores for sales. I have found that I have to use name brand diapers but, I usally get them cheaper. I use the coupons found in the sunday papers and that are mailed to me. I look for the sales I can usally get a jumbo pack of diapers for about $6.00 so I will buy 4 or 5 packs at a time depending on how many coupons I have. Most places like CVS, Rite aid, Walgreens, (drug stores) have a sale on diapers everyweek. Even the supermarkets do. If you watch the sales it is worth it cause you can make out really well. I just had my third child and I have the first one we used pampers. The second we used Huggies which I loved but they changed the way that they make the Huggies now and I do not like them as much, so this one is back on Pampers which seem to work the best.

    Good Luck.

  • if you have a costco store in your area theres the kirkland brand. they work well for my baby they dont leak.

  • Hello, I have loved pampers since day one, but as all mom's know we need to save as much money as possible. I found that target brand diapers work just as well as pampers. they do run a little bigger i found out. they are like around $13 for a big box vs $20 for pampers. Hope this helps you out, and good luck.

  • I like the CVS Supreme diapers they work just as well as huggies supreme. Except CVS diapers don't leak through the night like huggies. The diapers have the Caillou characters on them. Good luck.

  • My SIL loves Target diapers and she was a Huggies fan.

  • With my first baby I used pampers the whole time! With my second I used pampers for a while and then decided to start trying some of more cost efficient store brands! I found Wal-Mart brand did not work for us along with albertson's brand (baby basics), Smith's brand (kroger), and a few others. I did find that Target Brand was amazing. I fell in love with them and used them for 2 years. They recently changed them and I don't think they are as great as they once where but they are still great and at a great price!!

  • Target brand is great!

  • Same here. Huggies leaked, pampers swaddlers were great until he out grew them. The other pampers leaked. It seems the more expensive brands are not always the best quality. Someone purchased a box of kirkland which I tried to exchange. However, when I went to Costco they only had that one and Huggies so I kept it, and used it last. Now it is the only one I buy. They are great.

  • I uses Parents choice. they're cheaper and have never had a problem w/ leaking or them falling apart.

  • Sam's Club takes coupons? Do they take coupons for diapers and wipes?

  • SAM'S does not take coupons not in my area. BJ's does.

  • Hi! I’m a 1st time mom myself to a 4week old baby boy, but I have 2 lil nieces one age 2 and the other 15 months and I've used Wal-Mart brand "Parents Choice" and they work very well, even with those very messy ones. I hope this helps Smile

  • We like walmarts parents choice brand.. and also target brand work well.  I will not shell out twice as much $ for brand name dipes and personally find it pretty silly to do so.  If leaks are an issue, try the next size up!

  • I thought it might be to good to be true!
  • Hello, Parent's Choice diapers available in Walmart worked great for my two sons and my budget. No bed wetting at night (overflows), and you can always find great prices.