Transporting children on the go

  • No parent can carry their child all the time, especially when traveling. Thankfully we have strollers for our little bundles. Choosing a stroller can be a trade-off of convenience and function as even the most expensive models do not always have everything you’re looking for. For us it was about carrying capacity, compactness when folded, and price. After shipping delays, missing or broken parts, and months of trial and error we now have a stroller that our daughter likes and meets our needs. How do you transport your child on the go and why?

  • It all depends on the stage of life the munchkin is in.  No stroller realistically compacts very small anyway unless is super small or an umbrella stroller.  I've had a different Evenflo travel system with both of my boys.  The carriers were great because they could fit onto the carts for shopping.  I still use my second stroller with both my boys when they can't walk anymore (trips to the zoo) and it fits them comfortably.  As well as I'll be using it again come March.  Most strollers/systems have a long life span and some I've noticed have a plastic molded stamp on them to tell you when the product was made and when it should be replaced.  My son is 3 and the system I'll be using again doesn't need to be replaced til 2010, and thats only the carrier portion. 

  • That's interesting. I never noticed the stamp, I'll have to check our stroller for one because I know we are planning to keep it for the next baby too. Thanks for the tip!

  • I have a Graco stroller for my daughter and I've loved it.  It's really easy for me to fold down.  I'm hoping that I can find the tray for it before the new baby comes.  I took it off because my daughter loves riding in the stroller, but she wouldn't fit with the tray attached.  I don't like the umbrella strollers because my daughter has never fit in them properly.  I guess she's a little tall for her age, so she'd constantly put her feet on the wheels when I was trying to push and of course that causes some problems.Smile

  • I've never noticed the stamp either. I will have to check out my gear b/c like Strongdad, I have it stashed away for the next baby.

  • jnjfisher50, if you can't find it most stoller manufacturer's sell the parts (such as wheels and trays) for their strollers seperately. You may find it cheaper to buy the missing piece than to replace it when the time comes, though I wont swear to it as I know some parts can be pricey but it's certainly worth looking into if you have any trouble locating the tray Wink.

  • Thanks, I looked into it and it does seem that it's going to be a bit too pricey.  The part with shipping is $20 and since I don't have the original carseat anymore I think that we're going to look into a new system.  We'll probably keep this stroller for backup.  Thanks for the info though.