What items will i really need for a 2+ month old baby???

  • I am a 21 year old mother to a 2 month old. I want to start reading and getting her things to play with but i dont want to waste my money on somthing bad. If you can tell me what would be great for her that would be nice. If its baby gear or toys and book just any thing would help!

  • Honestly, the best gift and toy you can give her is YOURSELF. 2 month old babies love to interact with their parents and she will be especially excited about interacting with you. Try playing peek a boo, singing her nursery rhymes, giving her an infant massage etc. You should seek to involve all of her senses since she is trying to explore the world around her. Let her smell a variety of fragrances from a lemon peel to a rose, brush different textured fabrics on her fingers and cheeks, let her listen to you singing, talking or play soothing classical music for her during her quiet times.

    If you really want to buy a few things, it is never too early to begin reading to your child and books with simple colors and simple repetition are wonderful. Try Goodnight Moon and Brown Bear Brown Bear for starters. Babies this age also love to go for walks. As the weather gets nicer, consider taking her for an afternoon stroll every evening and point out the birds, trees and other things for her to focus on.

    Large colorful or black and white fabric blocks are also a good choice right now, as is a crib aquarium toy or mobile for her to look at.

    Congratulations on your new baby and welcome to Strong Moms...

  • Hi, at 2 months old my little guy's favorite toys were: 1.  little soft toys near him where he could see them, and 2.  his activity gym.  We bought the activity gym used to save $, and he really loved it, was his main toy from 2 - 6 months.  My little guy wasn't able to grasp anything until closer to 3 months old but it didn't matter, he still liked to look at soft toys and at the activity gym. 

    For books, we had a bunch including the early classics like Eric Carle books etc, but far and away his first favorites were 1.  Baby's First Colors (a large-ish hardcover board book by Baby Boppers - there are others in the series like Baby's First Words and Baby's First Animals, I've seen them at Barnes and Noble).  The best thing about them is just one word and one large pic per page.  2.  Any soft cloth books.

    Anyhow those were our experiences, but every baby is different.

  • A two month old baby is starting to become aware of his/her environment. Babies at this age love to hear mommy and daddy's voice, so reading books using animated voices and different accents and singing songs (even if you aren't auditioning for American Idol anytime soon!) is a great way to entertain your baby. Smiling and making funny faces will make your baby smile, since smiling is now one of your baby's expressions. Books with brightly colored pages, fabrics with different textures that baby can touch and feel, and pop- up books can keep your infant alert and aware. Baby Einstein has some wonderful educational books and videos for infants. Placing your baby in a swing and poping in a video is a great activity. Playing music is also a great idea. Classical music is believed to increase intelligence if played in utero and during infancy. If you visit the Fisher-price website (www.fisher-price.com), there are lists of toys by age. You can find an array of toys for 2+ months, such as musical activity gyms, kick and play piano, jumperoos, and toys with flashing, colorful lights. You sound like a wonderful mom who wants to enjoy and stimulate her child in a fun and educational way. Hope this helps!

  • It's never a waste to get an interesting toy that is good for teething. This has a better chance of being usable because it can serve multi-purposes. For us, it's very hit or miss on toys, so books are easier. Our daughter pretty much loves every book we read to her and it can hopefully spark a love of reading. We love theSandra Boynton books and of course Dr. Seuss ABC Book...

  • If you're a member of a religious organization, you may want to look into if they have a lending closet. My MIL's church has a stash of toys and baby gear that members of the congregation can "check out." You could try out some toys that way. You might also want to look into what's at the local library. Many have toys in the kids sections. Let your baby play and see if anything really catches his attention. That can give you an idea of what might be good to buy.

  • All of these things are great, but to be honest with you, I bought the Fischer Price laugh and learn bouncer and it was great.  My daugther was probably 2 or 3 mos old when I got it and she loved it.  I would stick her in that when I needed to get things done around the house.  those bouncers are very entertaining for young babies and they have a seatbelt so you don't have to worry about your baby falling out. I highly recommend one!

  • I just had my preemie evaluated and they said she follows a red ball well. I did research and red is a color they recognize thus all the red and black themed stuff you see like soft toys and mobiles. so maybe one of the soft rattles in red. As for books I received make way for ducklings as a gift. That is a classic. I also have the golden books sesame street on my wish list. my brother who is much older gave me the monster at the end of this book(grover) when I was little and I gave a friend the sequal another monster (elmo and grover). Dr Suess is another timeless classic