• my daughter will be 1 next week and i am looking to buy a new car seat i want to purchase a convertible one does anybody have any suggestions on which one to get. I have been checking on which one is best but its getting to confusing.

  • Convertible car seats are great because they can be used both rear-facing for infants and forward-facing for toddlers. Make sure you know your baby's height and weight because car seats vary. Pick an easy to install car seat and one that is simple to adjust for proper harness fit. Choose a car seat with high rear-facing weight limits because you can keep a child up to age 2 year rear-facing safely.  Try it out in the store so you know what you are getting yourself into before you purchase.
  • Do you know if there are any that are convertible AND fit in the back seat of a small car rear-facing? I'm having trouble finding one to fit while it faces the rear.

  • There are lots of good brands out there. Just FYI, larger stores like Babies R US will usually let you try out a carseat. You can ask them if you can bring it out to your car to see how well it fits etc.. Even after you buy it, they will let you return it with a receipt.

    I bought a toddler carseat for my oldest son and used it for a week before realizing that I HATED the buckle system that it came with. It seemed to pinch his legs no matter how I did it. I asked if I could return it even though I didn't have the box anymore and they graciously agreed. Find out your store's policy before you buy it though to avoid any misunderstandings.

  • I agree just try the seats out (with her in it too!!!) to see. Some seats are higher than other and some recline better and some are more convenient but she will tell you which one she wants just watch her expressions. and like i always say dont trust the associate to tell you whats best because our going to get the real expensive one( although when it comes to car seats the expensive ones are pretty convenient and cool) trust your initial budget and research before you walk into a store. trust me

  • When we moved on to a bigger carsear for my son we got one the did both 5 point harness and booster...that way we wouldn't have to buy a booster shortly after buying another carseat. Look around i can't remember which kind we have and it's not currently at our house for me to check. Just double cheack weight and height so you know your getting on that she will fit in now and continue to for awhile

  • The eveflo triumph advance is great.. easy to use, rearfaces to 35 lbsand forward faces to 50 lbs with nice tall harness height.  Always rearface to the limit of your seat its far more safe for little one.  The minimum you should rearface to is 2 years, longer witha smaller child.

    Also, you can decrease the recline for a child with good head control.. that frees upalot of space.

  • We just bought the Safety First Air Protect for our 7.5mo, he didnt like it at first but it is super easy to use and after about a week he adjusted well. All seats have to be approved by the NHTSA before hitting the market but I think this one is advanced compared to others and comparable in price when on sale.