diaper usage

  • Hello all.  I am expecting twin boys, our first babies, and wanted to start stocking up on diapers now so that it's not such a big deal when they get here.  I plan on buying different sizes, but I have no idea how many to buy of what size.  Any advice?

  • I wouldn't worry about multiple sizes just yet, unless you have a warehouse somewhere to store all of them! Start with diapers for newborns, which will be classified as (N) on diaper boxes. I would start with two boxes of a certain brand and then make sure you like them. We have used Pampers almost exclusively to this point, and are very happy with them, but opinions vary. Best of luck and I hope this helps!

  • Answer Dad is right...you just need to start with newborn diapers. Pick a brand you like and try them out, then you can switch to another kind if those aren't working out for you.

    Also, you could have a friend throw you a "diaper party". It is where a bunch of your friends come over to a house for some good food and fun and in exchange they all bring you a box of diapers. This is a great way to try out lots of different types.

  • I agree. You can't determine what sizes your babies will be or how many of each size you will need until you meet them. Stock up on newborn-size diapers, but make sure you like the brand. Not all brands are created equal. If you purchase different sizes, you many end up with a lot of unused diapers because it is impossible to know how long your babies will stay in each size. Newborn-sized diapers can last up to 3 months or longer. Congrats! Twins are a double blessing!

  • I started to stock up on diapers too before my little one was born. My advice is if you are having a shower or lots of friends that might buy you things, then start to stock up on the larger diapers. Because a lot of people bought me newborn and size one diapers which I had bought too. So if I had to do it again, I would buy more of the larger sizes untill I see what everyone else buys. But with twins I am sure you will use them all anyways. Also, dont forget to go to Huggies and Pampers websites and get on their mailing list so you can get all the coupons too. Good luck and have fun.

  • I delivered premature twin boys on 6/29/09. They were born at 34 weeks and actually needed Preemie diapers for the first month to six weeks.  I had a diaper party but did not expect preemies so I had to buy those.  We got plenty of newborn which I had to exchange, they are out of newborn and now into size 1 at 3 months, not adjusted.  Anyway we have not had to buy diapers except for the preemie and have about a month supply left.  I would recommend more size 1 than newborn if you are going to start buying now, but the diaper party was the best idea yet.  I have size 2 & 3 stored for later!

  • you might want to do some research, often times there are companies who offer discounts,etc to parents of multiples. so you could save yourself some money over buying diapers at your local stores.

    "they say..." each baby goes through 8-10 diapers / day so plan accordingly

  • ALWAYS by a package of one size above what they are currently wearing, they grow very fast and you don't want to be caught without, however you don't need to buy a few sizes ahead just one. CONGRATS