cheap and expensive car seats...

  • well i've been doing research for months on these darn car seats and i think i'm gonna lose it... does anyone have any suggestions on car seat shopping for newborns... like do i need the infant carrier one or is it ok to just go with the convertible seats or both? Oh and are the expensive ones with all the padding better then some of the cheaper ones with out it?... please help so lost and confused... lol thanx 2 anyone who responds.

  • With the large number of car seats available, it's no wonder you are confused.

    We found it ultra convenient to have the removable car carrier and accompanying "snap and go" stroller. This way, if your baby is sleeping, you can move from car to stroller to home without jostling baby and waking him/her.

    The larger car seats have all kinds of bells and whistles. We found that there was a bigger difference between the cheapo ones and mid-priced ones as opposed to the difference between the mid-priced ones to the expensive ones. The padding we liked was on the sides of the head rest, so that when baby falls asleep, there is some cushion there. They all have to be safety-approved to be offered for sale, so make the best decision based on the needs of your baby and your budget. Much of it is personal preference.

  • I suggust that you get an infant carrier defiently.  When the babies are small you need the carrier car seat to take them in and out of places, like when you go the store, out to eat, babysitter, etc. Then when they are able to sit up without support, you can just take them out of the seat when you get out of the car and carry them, or sit them in the shopping cart or whatever. And then get a different seat when they are 1 year old.   you don't have to buy the most expensive one, but I do recommend getting a nice one that has some sort of padding and make sure that you look at the straps to see if you like how they buckle. you want to get one that keeps them secure in the seat and is easy to get them in and out of.  I also recommend getting one of those padded covers for the carseat that keep them warm in the winter.  If you baby is going to be born when its cold that is.  Mine was the JH Cole bundle me, and I loved it!  My little girl was born in Nov. and most of the time when we went out, I just had her in a onsie and pants, and she stayed nice and cozy in her carseat with that cover.  And anywhere that we went, she stayed in the carseat the whole time unless I had to feed her.  Anyway, hope this helps!

  • I just had a baby this past year and would agree with the infant carrier, it makes your life soooo much easier! Especially with the snap and go strollers.  I used it at the airport, mall, etc, and it is so light and there is plenty of storage on the bottom.  We bought the PegPerego car seat which is about $300 to go along with our other stroller and while the baby LOVES it, she's sadly outgrowing it so fast!  Looking back I would have gone with a less expensive seat, just make sure that there is plenty of padding, they seem to love that.  Good luck!

  • thanx so much for your comment i really appreciate it thanx

  • Did you find a car seat that you are happy with? What did you end up going with?

  • We like the Orbit Baby Car Seat.  The great thing about it is that you can strap your infant in before putting the seat into the car.  Not sure how this will work out when our child is older and heavier.

  • I have been told that if you are looking for a convertible car seat that the Britax are among the safest out there. They are not cheap but if safety is important. I have friend who is a firefighter and these car seats are highly recommended. My plan is to use the travel system as an infant and then switch to the Britax once the child has out grown the infant seat.
  • I belive it was a waste on the expensive infant carseat  my son was out of it by 8 months  then it didnt even matter it if matched the stroller or not..  I say go with the inexpensive name brand.

  • A couple things to remember - all car seats sold in the US pass the safety standards.  The "research" is personal opinions from other users.  Pay attention to the size of your vehicle and if the seat will fit easily - especially if you'll be moving it in and out.  Infant seats get very heavy quickly and can't always be used for the entire first year of your child's life.  You'll need to be able to lift the seat in and out of the vehicle with the child - it can be very heavy.  On the other hand - these seats make grocery trips, dinner out, etc. very easy as you don't have to move a sleeping baby.

    As an example - my husband is 6'3".  My 5 month old son is 17 lb and 28 inches long.  His infant seat only goes up to 22 lb and 29 inches (Graco Travel System from Target).  So - at 5 mos old - I'm carseat shopping again!  As my hubby and I split daycare pickup/dropoff duties, it's necessary that we have 2 carseats.  I chose to buy 1 "better" carseat (more padding for long trips) and 1 "cheaper" seat.  Both are LATCH equipped, have 5 pt. harnesses and cup holders.  The "better" seat is a stage 1, 2, 3 - meaning it will be rear facing then forward facing and finally a booster up to 80 lbs.  I found this seat on clearance at Target for $91 last weekend.  Hubby's seat is only a stage 1,2.  It will be rear facing, then forward facing up to 40 lbs.  Then we'll just have to buy a booster for $20. 

    It was very easy for us to do the Travel System to start - it's nice to have multiple bases and not be moving seats.  I also love popping the carrier and sleeping boy in the stroller and running into the mall!  At 17 lbs now though he wants to sit up and look and he's not content to ride along.

    Another example though - my best friend has a very small daughter.  At 3, she is only 30 lbs.  She wanted to be swaddled as an infant so my friend never used the carrier - she used a sling to swaddle her daughter and shop away.

    Good luck making this decision!  Like all baby decisions - it seems that we do the best we can and be ready to adapt when the precious bundle arrives!!