What is the best baby product you couldn't live without???

  • When I first had my son, I bought tons of baby products, toys and baby gear aimed at making my life a bit easier. Unfortunately, the majority of them did not quite live up to the hype. Surprisingly, the best product I found during those first few months was Shout Stain Gel. This stuff got out everything my son did to his clothes and saved me hundreds of dollars in clothing expenses. Grape juice, baby poop, grass stains, just about everything came out. What are some of the best baby products you've found that you just couldn't live without?

  • The things that I could not live without would be: Diaper Genie, Boppy Pillow: it's like an extra set of hands, Activity Gym, swing, and her pacifier clip. :)

  • My son is four months old and I have wated alot of money on things I thought would be great and weren't and some that turned out to be AWESOME!

    Things I can't live without - Diaper Genie!  Yes it stinks when you open it, but hey that's what your whole house would smell like if you didn't have the Genie.  Boppy pillow!  For those aching arms.  Angel Care Baby Monitor!  I know it's not fool proof but any extra measure I can take to take better care of my LO is a plus in my book.  Bouncy Seat!  How would I ever get anything done without it?!  I put him in it while I shower, in the kitchen with me when I cook, etc.

  • We love the snap and go, any seat that transfers from car seat to stroller is genius! When they get a little older, we loved the jumpy seat (not the official name)... it hangs from a door jam and allows baby to bounce up and down and around in circles. The independent movement is much greater than in an exersaucer and really helps work baby's legs... both our girls fell in love with it at about 6 months...

  • Lullaby bear and Milicon!

  • A Wubbanub!  It's a soothie pacifier attached to a small stuffed animal.  It sounds strange - but my son has been able to play with and put his paci in his mouth himself since about 6 weeks old.  He loves his Froggie and we don't go anywhere without it.