Vacation essentials

  • We are going away on vacation in a couple of weeks and are bringing our 2 year old and 8-month old daughters with us. Considering we don't have an 18-wheeler to bring everything with us, can you please list what you consider to be the essentials you take with you for babies (and toddlers) on vacation?

  • Infant/children tylenol

    sippy cup/eating utensils

    bottled water

    dirty laundry/diaper bags

    travel size sunscreen/shades (yes even in the winter, if you're outside, so is the sun)

    individually wrapped snacks

    sing along CD if it's a long trip

    camera - dont want to miss those memories

    kids fav. animal/blankie/toy - make them feel at home anywhere

    lots of wipes and sanitizer- dont want them getting sick


    Have fun!

  • Your post might have been the most helpful reply I've ever received on StrongMoms! Thanks for the help!

  • Portable DVD player (charged) and children's favorite DVDs. (MOST IMPORTANT)