baby showers for second child?

  • Whats the "rule" on baby showers for the second child? I've heard if its the same sex they usually dont do them and opposite sex its ok... what do you know/ think is appropraite and what is not? i am only ten wks so i've got a ways to go befor really getting into that just curious.

  • My wife's friends gave her a sprinkle, inviting less people and having it more casual. We didn't find out gender for either baby prior, so that wasn't a factor for us. My wife's friends suggested that her friends each make a meal to be frozen and reheated by us in the days and weeks following the our second baby. Truthfully, those meals were better gifts than the very generous items our friends and family bought for us for our first baby.

  • I have heard the "same sex" rule too.  How old is your first child?  The reason I ask child is 5, we have moved to a new city and have an entire group of new friends..who are anxious to throw me a shower.  I feel this is okay since I won't be burdening the "same" group of people. 

    I also have a friend who's children are ten years apart and we really did'nt mind throwing her another had been ages:)

    Virtually anything goes these days...hope this was helpful.

  • thanks thats a very cute idea

  • i had a boy and a girl and i had 2 baby showeres but i guess it is okay to have a baby shower again for the same sex baby why not i was going to do it and even if you dont want another baby shower have a welcome home shower for the baby and people always brings gifts for baby

  • i dont think there such a thing as 2 many baby showers..if someone is willing to do it..welcome!

  • Is there a rule? Celebrating a new baby regardless of where he/she falls in line is fun! Depending on how old your first child is, a second baby shower is a great idea. If your second baby is only a year older, then that's one thing, but if years have passed, why not shower this one with gifts and affection too!

  • That's an awesome idea!

  • I don't think the rule should apply, everyone has differant needs.  My daughter had two kids but ended up being pregnant with twins, so a shower was definetly in order. If someone is willing to help you out, you should take the help.


  • I have a soon to be 5 year old son and My sister had great idea for my second (i'm 14 weeks with) A diaper shower where they get just diapers and the formula you plan on using so you dont have to worry about that stuff for awhile. I'd say and plan On if we're having a girl this time to do a shower becasue all of our baby clothes a major boy clothes but i'm not going to ask for anything big because we still have it all from our first we kept it for just that reason. So i'd go with it's okay jsut keep it small and if it's same sex ask for things like the diapers, wipes and formula you plan on using and i really liked that Meal idea that..oh shoot another person had, just read it too..and if it's different ask people eo keep gifts small if they want to get clothes in addition to diapers and such.

  • I have had 3 children and I had a shower for each of them actually for the first two I had two each..  My family is big and my parents are seperated and live in different states of course my mother and stepmother wanted to do showers for me with each of their relatives with my 3rd I didnt need any big items or any items but it was still nice to get together and we also did the diaper shower where if somebody was going to buy something we asked it be diapers and wipes my baby is now 2 and a half mths old and we still have diapers from the shower just make sure you ask for ALL SIZES we ended up having to give away alot of the newborn ones because my daughter was a big baby and went almost immediatley into size 1's!!!  I believe showers are great if your friends and family want to throw them for you!!!  GOOD LUCK

  • I would totally say yes to a baby shower.  I have 2 boys.  Showers for both of them.  The second was more like a diaper shower bc I still had everything from my first.  Some stuff had worn out, though.  If you do a diaper shower, you can always trade diapers at the grocery store if you get too many of one size.  This is what I did.  Meals are great, too.