Is there a perfect stroller???

  • One of the hardest purchases to make when you are having a baby is buying the perfect stroller. At first, we bought a travel system with a larger single stroller, but when we found ourselves expecting our second child a year later, we quickly realized we needed a double stroller. We bought a double tandem stroller that is great for mall outings but HORRIBLE for long excursions like the zoo. SO...we found ourselves buying a double jogger with a swiveling front wheel. Then there is the single umbrella stroller for those quick jaunts to the library. Needless to say, my basement looks like a mini Toys R Us with just about every stroller combination you can find. Is there a perfect stroller you have found? Do you prefer lightweight and easy to maneuver over the larger travel systems? Discuss your stroller purchases both good and bad.

  • I bought a Quinny Buzz and I absolutely love it.  The front wheel swivels which makes it easy to manuever, with the attachments it's easy to attach the Maxi-Cosi Mico infant carseat.  It's a versatile stroller and I think just about anyone can find it's features usefull. The bugaboo frog is similar I believe and with the attachments you can attach a Graco carseat.  For those with standing toddlers a Lascal Kiddie Board easily attaches to the rear so your toddler can stand without having to walk.  It's a good alternative to having to replace a whole stroller.

    The only downside I have found is that sometimes the wheels are spaced so far apart that I have a hard time getting in between tight spaces at certain stores whereas an umbrella would not have this problem.  

  • I work a top baby retail chain and I can tell you there is no such thing as a perfect stroller. Each stroller (whether it be double, triple, single, tandem with optional sunroof, etc.) is designed to compete with another stroller. Companies care more about how to get you attracted to their products rather than the actual versatility of it. It takes a while to get used to a certain strollers but at the same time you do need to have a stroller for every condition. Ofcourse you know twins or more than one child usually get the tandem or side by side. Traveling moms like to use the joggers because of their wheel size. when you go on vacation your going to get that cheapo $19.99 35lb max weight for your 40lb child because your not going to take the $400.00 on with you and risk getting it lost in the airline and be forced to use the worn-out oversized and loppsided strollers they provide in the theme parks (you know like highschairs at a restaraunt). Light wieght strollers are nice to have because well, they're light but try putting you hand bag, diaper bag filled with essentials and bottles, extra diapers, that little pouch to hold milk that is suppose to go in the diaper bag but since you filled the bag with toys and probably your cell phone you thought it was easier to leave it out, and most importantly what ever you are shopping for. But then again the large full size and even mid-size SUV I mean stroller is big enough to fit all of that and your fridge but is a pain to set up and tends knock things and sometimes people over. Now there's the eye catching $999.99 jogger-stroller-space shuttle combo and this one promises to serve all your needs. They say you can put you infant in it the convert it for a toddler and you can switch him/her around to view them and attach a board to carry stragglers. It is the end all be all of strollers. Just 1 problem. You didnt buy a warranty or it expired after 6 months (and it covers defects only) and the wheel came off. Well they dont' sell the wheel but they will fix it for you just pay $150 then pay another $75 to ship it. What stroller do you use in the mean time.

    Some people like each of the aforementioned types of strollers just because they are comfortable. Ive seen some people get away with using just the one. and FYI a stroller is as maneuverable as your ability to maneuver it.

    My advice to you is atleast try the stroller out in the store if possible before you buy it and don't ask the associate about the reviews or anything unless your asking how to open and close it and carry it for you becasue most of them don't know a thing and will just recite to you the features written on the box and push your budget up 50 to 100 bucks.

    BTW I am a father of one and have a mini babies r us in my house too. and i prefer mid size strollers because they are big enough to hold alota of stuff but small enough to navigate the narrow mall store corridors

  • I have two stollers that have both worked very well for me. We have the fancy travel system stoller that came with the carseat that clipped on top. which is great when my son was little for trips to parks and the like because you have so much extra to carry then. now we soley use the light weight unbrella stoller and i just hang my bag over the back for the things we still need to bring with us. I'm now 14 weeks with my second and my son thankfully old enough to walk everywhere we go so and usually does so i can just simply go back to out travel system and then later the umbrella later. My sister had a jogger that was giving to her second hand from a family memeber who never used it and then after a few times she gave up trying to use it because it was so hard to move and went to the light weight unbrella stoller. I've never tried any other kinds of stollers so i haven't had a bed experince  after buying one. I have seen ones that have the kids sitting one behind the other and those seems to be fairly easy to use. the infant goes in the back and the older child in the front...but i've never used one so i couldn't tell you from experince how well they work.