Nasal Aspirator

  • Has anybody tried the electric nasal aspirator? Are they good?

  • Google it and read the reviews. As a nurse practitioner, we recommend the traditional bulb syringe. This has worked great for many, many years. The electric nasal aspirator may be a bit loud and can scare babies and the suction may be too much. Ask your pediatrician if he/she recommends this over a bulb syringe.

  • I have the battery operated one that plays music.  we love it.  fast and easy to use.  my dd is 3 weeks old and caught a cold from her sis.  it does not bother either of them. 


  • We have the safety first electric nasal aspirator and I wouldn't leave home without it.  My son love's it, he doesn't freak out and begin to scream when your sucking out his nose.  I am so glad we have it.