New Mom to be

  • Hello to all,

    This is my first time on this site and my 1st pregnancy!  I am 5 months and having a Boy.  I do not have any infants or toddlers in my family so I am sure that I will have many questions.  I have just began to explore this site but I wanted to introduce myself.  I am married, live in Texas, I am 27 years old, I work in the Health Care Field but not with babys! 

    My  first question is regarding Breast Pumps.  Can any of the experianced mothers give me some tips on picking a good pump.  Time will be an issue because I plan to return to work pretty quickly.  I have found, what looks to be a good deal, at Target on a dual Playtex Embrace pump.  Retail it was $199.00 but it is currently on sale for $49.99.  Is this a good brand?

    Thanks  ;  )

  • yes it is a good brand but dependin on the medical insurance u have some will rent you a pump for very cheap or even free the pump is the most helpfull thing ever im a stay at home mom but it is just so convienent to have a bottle wen u need to go out or wen u just need a brake i have a dual pump but i find it very hard to pump both at one time

  • Medela is a great brand to go with yes its a little pricey but its worth every penny and is backed by most hospitals (will tell you its one of the best brands you can buy for pumps) I've been using mine for almost 3 months and its great. CONGRATS