How to decorate the nursery?

  • When our first child was born, we decided to decorate the nursery in a neutral theme so that each one of our children could use it. We chose a safari animal theme and it has seen us through all of our children thus far. My sister, on the other hand, chose to do her nursery in a gender specific theme and chose dinosaurs for her little boy. How did you decorate your nursery? Did you chose a gender neutral theme or did you decorate it specifically for your little one? Share your decorating ideas!



  • Our first daughter, we did not find out until she was born what her gender was. So we registered for two sets of bedding with a common color, which was blue. We saw red, white and blue for a boy, and pink and blue for a girl. So we painted the room navy blue and white, and accented with the third color. It worked great and we were very happy.

  • We have 4 boys and found out this one is a girl.  Big Smile  So we went out and bought princess bedding and will be using a lot of pinks.  I used a neutral pooh bedding since we didn't know what our first was going to be which was blues and yellows.  I am excited to have girlie stuff so we're doing all new nursery decs. this time.  We will be using the same furniture though as it's a good solid wood set we paid a lot for with our first.

  • We are having twins, a boy and a girl.  We are putting them in the same room for now, until they are a little older.  We decided to paint a neutral color, green.  Then we picked out different bedding for each, that has green in it.  The boys will be sea animals: turles, fish, and it is blue and green.  The girls is land animals: giraffe, monkey, and is pink and green.  We love both of them and they work together also!

  • We found out our baby was a boy and decided to do something in blue and chocolate brown. However, if you are like us, we couldn't paint because we were renting a house. That doesn't mean you have to sacrifice in design! We found cute crib bedding and had matching curtains. We also threw down a rug in front of his crib. Around his walls we put up puppy/puppy paw print wall clings that I found on E-bay. They came with a matching set of prints that we framed and hung. Pretty cute -we were happy with it. :-)