Exersaucer vs. Jumperoo

  • Hey, fellow mommies! Which is more effective: an exersaucer or jumperoo?

  • I have both. Sometimes my baby wants to jumps and squeal sometimes she just wants to sit and play in her exersaucer. She like both of them but does seem to favor her jumperoo. I have the bright starts pretty in pink version. She LOVES it.

  • I'm trying to decide also.

  • My kids liked them both immensely...

  • My daughter really liked her jumperoo. The way the one we had was she could act in it like an exersaucer.

  • Jumparoo all the way!  We have the farm version and my son turns himself around to play with all the toys and jumps any time he feels like it!  In fact, my husband asked the other evening if we should bolt it to the floor as our 5 month old jumps so hard it sounds like he's jumping off the floor.  It really doesn't leave the floor though!  Wink  It's one of my Top 5 fav baby things.

  • jumperoo!  best money I've spent on my baby so far! she loves it