To big for infant seat

  • Please help, my boy is almost three months but he's already outgrown our infant carrier (he's to long). I bought a convertable seat that is really nice and allows him to be rear-facing longer than any other. Here's my dilemma, it doesn't have a handle and doesn't detach, since he's so young he can't really support his neck enough to ride in a shopping cart. I really hate to haul around his extra seat just for him to take into and out of stores. Does anyone have any better suggestions or know of a rear and front facing car seat that isn't like that for around 150 dollars??? Thankyou

  • My bay girl hated her carry so we had to switch to a convertible seat! It is such a pain to go somewhere and have to carry her. My lifesaver has been the Baby Bjorn. It is a little pricey (I got mine as a gift) but it is awesome(They have other brands that are very similar and less money). I put her in it (she usually goes right to sleep) and can carry her around the store or mall for quite awhile without it killing my back!!

  • Wow...he outgrew it at just 3 months? Talk to your pediatrician to be sure you can't still use it. Otherwise, you may have to just take him out of the convertible car seat and put him in a stroller or baby carrier when you take him places. I thought my baby was too long for ours, but our pediatrician told us otherwise...I would check to be sure.

  • I know where you are coming from my two month is too long for his infant seat. You did the right thing in buying a convertible. As far as detaching and what not try thinking a different way. INFANT CARRIERS ARE GREAT. Baby carriers whether they are the slings or the baby borjn ones they are extremely convenient, especially when grocery shopping because you still have use of your hands and your not carrying around a heavy car seat (also most baby carriers are built with head support so no worries) also another bonus most of them arn't that expensive. Also they soothe a cranky baby because they can listen to your heart so it feels to them as though they are back in the womb trust me these things are a lifesaver

  • Thankyou everyone, i checked with the dr. and i bought a carrier and am currently learning how to use it Smile