what brand is best

  • I have questions about what brand of car seat and strollers to get for my baby I hear the evenflo and graco is the best you can get does anyone have any advice  on this type of thing?  We haven't done our regstry yet since we don't know what we are having yet but we will on March 10 we are getting excited about it.

    Thanls again Brittany( Smilie4545)

  • For a stroller, you may want to have a few different ones, but we use the Snap n Go stroller. Your baby's car seat carrier snaps right in and is essential for running errands and not wanting to wake baby. As for car seats, there are so many out there and lots of considerations... I would just go to the store, check them over, and see which ones have the best combination of price, safety and other features.

  • We got the jeep liberty stroller and it is great!!! You can push through snow, sand, bumps, etc. It tells you on the stroller what car seats are compatable with it. We have the graco snug n fit. The good thing is you pick up the car seat and put it right in the stroller and there you go.  Good Luck!!

  • definitely look for a car seat that is convertible.   Rear-facing up to the one year/40pound rule, and then able to turn it around to face front and be able to go up to 100lbs.   it's pointless to buy a carseat that doesn't go to the maximum of 100 lbs....they are expensive! we have one from Safety 1st, and it reclines in three positions so if your little one falls asleep, presto!  instant comfort :)

  • the only problem with the JEEP strollers and similar ones is that you have to monitor the air pressure in the tires, like a bike.  not so convenient when there are no air pumps around!

  • We have the "chico key fit" carseat and stroller combo and LOVE it!  Take into consideration the weight of the carseat with out the base... some of them are a little heavy and as little as the babies are when they are born, they get heavy- fast!  Also somthing to look at is how hard is it to adjust the straps on the car seat... the key fit is super easy, but my sister has a graco that is crazy hard to adjust!  Good luck!!

  • We have the Baby Trend Flex-Loc Car seat and love it. I love the fact that I dont have to rethread the straps as our son grows, you just turn a lever and it moves the car seat head/straps up. We have the stroller to go with it, but recently bought the Baby Trend Expedition Jogging stroller to go with it and love that too. The Baby Trend Snap n GO stroller is great for being on the go to just quickly run in somewhere you dont want to grab a huge stroller with. 3 strollers one little boy, but the stroller that came with the travel system is good for the mall, the Jogging stroller we use for walks/jogging because its less bumpy then the stroller that came with it(you can opt to get the jogging stroller with the travel system) and the Snap N Go is great for short quick trips!!! Good luck on your stroller buying adventure. But just make sure you play with everything in the store(Babies R Us has a great selection) and buy whatever works best for you and your babys father, thats whats most important-well and safety of course!!! 

  • I LOVE my Chicco Key Fit 30 and will be using it again soon for my 2nd baby. I definitely rec an infant seat that detaches from the base b/c it will make trips out much easier so you don't have to wake a sleeping baby. If you're looking for something that can take you from infancy to booster, I have the Sunshine Kids Radian 80 and it's approved to be rear facing and 5 lbs to forward facing and 80 lbs. I really love this car seat too and if I were only able to make a 1 time purchase of a carseat I would def go w/ this one. I personally liked the convenience of a travel system though. Also, the Chicco stroller can be collapsed w/ one hand and when my son was a little bigger and I would take him out of the car seat and let him ride directly in the stroller he often fell asleep on shopping trips. I could fully recline him and he would get precious sleep while I got in precious shopping time! It also helped to not have to change him in nasty public bathrooms b/c the snack tray swings out of the way and I would recline the stroller and change him right there in his stroller.