Is it to soon to shop?

  • Im about 16 weeks prgnant and im running into great deals on things like carseats, cribs, etc. should i wait to start buyinng?

  • I don't think its too early. I mean if you are finding great deals, why not buy what you need now in order to save? I'm only 8 weeks and I already want to shop, but I'm stopping myself! Smile

  • Always find out the return policies and check out The Baby Bargain Book to make sure you are getting the highest quality items at the best prices. Other than that, get shopping!

  • You know you will need the stuff anyway go for it. Don't do what I did and wait until the last minute.

  • Don't pass up great deals!  With my first, I was scared to death to buy things because we had a few losses before him.  I waited until I was 8 months along to buy everything and it was EXPENSIVE to do it all at once.  With my current pregnancy, I started buying as soon as I found out the gender.  My only advice is don't start actually setting up your nursery for a couple of months.

  • If you are finding some great deals, then go ahead and buy! But Answer Dad is right, make sure you know their return policy in case you change your mind or someone buys you something similar. Congrats!

  • I think you should take advantage of the deals. I have started buying the big items I didn't think people would be interested in buying for showers. But as my parents keep reminding. Don't buy everything. People may give you things at showers.

  • Oh I'm in the same situation...I'm also 16 weeks pregnant and wanting to buy everything when i see something cute.

    This is something to keep in mind. I was talking to my OB and i had mentioned i found a really good car seat and it was on sale and she informed me that at most hospitals they will give you a car seat for free and show you how to put it into your car. Ask you OB what kind of things they offer at the hospital becuase i jsut saved my self $150!

  • Part of making pregnancy fun is shopping. I started shopping for my baby as soon as i found out i was pregnant. I say go for it. I have read that its best to purchase all the furniture items early since they either need to be delivered and/or assembled. All smaller items you can take your time and decided what will be best for you and your baby =)

  • Conrats!  With my first son I waited till I was in my second trimester only because there was a history of miscarage in my family, and after something like that who wants to go return stuff then?  That would suck for anyone.  My son was fine BTW!  Otherwise finding great deals on the bigger stuff, go for it.  Cause most people don't go for the bigger items for a baby shower, so I think it's best to get them yourself.  It's also a reflection of your style then.  CHECK EACH PLACES RETURN POLICY!!!  Buying stuff to early on a great find is one thing, it's another to relize months later (after the baby is born) that it doesn't work or is a piece of crap.  I buy the warrenties or protection plans on certain items (ie Baby monitor) really expensive things, so that if they arn't what I expected or doesn't work I can take it back no quesetions no matter how long it's been.  

    But yeah leave stuff for other people, for little naked squish balls babies don't come into this world with a thing, but they sure need alot of stuff!  So there will still be plenty to buy!  All that little stuff adds up quick!  Gift receipts are ideal from people (don't be afraid to ask them to indlude it) I got so much stuff when my son was born he didn't wear alot of it before he grew out of it.  So tag still on clothes ( don't pull them off right away and wash everything for this reason) and or reciept in hand I returned it for cash/store credit and used it for other things for him.  People won't be mad, it's something that happens.  Gift cards are also cool, because you may have everything you need but you'll always need dipars and wipes!  Those cards are great through out the year then!  

    When registering for clothes though wait till like two weeks before or a month because when the seasons change so do the baby clothes.  So what you like now won't be there in four months.  IF you really like something get it now, otherwise I find restraint hard but worth it.  

  • I'm 21 weeks and am also seeing great deals but prior losses is the only thing stopping me since I'm a shopaholic. I agree, return policy is key, and also ask outside of the return policy in event of a loss. I'm seeing a great breast pump I want and other things and once I find out the sex on Friday if it's a girl I will definitely want to shop but I will hold out till at least 7 months, praying all goes well. Best of luckSurprise

  • Well I cracked, bought my 1st few things today but I just couldn't resist. They we're only pjs and onesies though.

  • In my opinion its too early, or if you do buy things, just buy gender neutral items that way if your baby gives you a little surprise you wont be stuck with something your baby just cant use...good luck!!!

  • It is never too early! I started buying major stuff like stroller, car seat and crib as soon as i found out that i was pregnant.I am really picky (sadly) and i went through so much gear until i found what i liked. Plus major Tip: Never rely on babyshowers, 30 % out of 100 will buy off the register the rest will buy stuff you dont need, and you will be lucky to get a receipt for exchange or return of unwanted items! I had three babyshowers and after  I had bags of clothes i couldn't use (people think a cute fur pink coat will look cute, but its to wear in summer :)) and stuff off of my baby register i had to buy out of pocket.So i say, you see something you like buy it, keep receipts you can always return! Hope this helps :)

  • It's never too late to get the shopping done. I am a first time Dad and I am glad I got the bulk of the shopping done. I stayed away from the bigger items till the baby shower was over, then I picked up the rest. Oh! thats another thing, have the shower early, incase you go into labor early or they have to induce labor. I was setup and ready for my little girl to come home. That let me settle into things and enjoy getting up every three hours to feed and change her. It takes a lot of stress off if you have most of the things you need ahead of time.