Is it to soon to shop?

  • NO!!!! Ddont wait the sooner you start the easier it will be for suprise things you may need  to buy when the baby born. you dont know your finances later either, save the receipt just incase things change and only buy few newborn things because if your baby comes out 8lbs or more thats considered 0-3 month clothes they grow fast and dont wear that many clothes when newborn so shop for future 0-3 and 3-6 months keep tags and receipts for exchanges and returns

  • I was an early shopper! Just stay neutral, stick to larger sizes and some things ill do different with my next child based off of discoveries with my son are: buy only 100% cotton clothing and blankets (allergic to polyester), organic/hypoallergenic washes and lotions (allergic to all others), size 2 and above diapers instead of nb/1s (he only used one pk of each plus you get those sizes at the baby shower always) and lastly, I planned to breastfeed my son so I only bought 2 cans of formula for emergency feeding and bought just the regular formula, well my son is allergic to milk protein and this caused very bad issues, my next child I plan to breastfeed as well but will buy hypoallergenic as my back up formula just incase of the same allergy and if I findout he/she is fine with my milk and isn't allgeric to protein then I will switch to regular for emergencies after finding out. My son is now on formula only because while we were trying to figure out what was going on with him I started having trouble with supply issues because he wasn't eating from me. Well, I had dairy in my system and it was hurting his stomach. I couldn't even have a bite of cheese and try to breastfeed with in the next 2 days so after all of that I finally dried out. So next time, I will start with hypo and a regular diet and if my diet affects the next baby then I will have formula to substitute while I'm adusting my diet. Ofcourse id run any formulas by the doctor first aswell. I didn't do that before, I didn't know it was a big deal. I didn't pick a pedi until I delivered and had I done so before, I would have probably not gone thru all the issues I had. Because, I would have told the doctor about ALL the allergies I have and I'm sure they would have told me what he would probably have and I could have prepared properly. But now I know for next time to just prepare for an allergy baby and if the baby isn't allergic to anything then great but at least id be ready if he/she is and cotton, hypo,organic won't hurt a nonallergic babies so either way, its not a waste of money. I've had to give away blankets, clothes, toys, washes and lotions because I shopped without allergies in mind to start with.

  • Just check out the return policy-I know that at Babies R Us if you have a baby registry and items off of that get purchased you have up to a year for returns. :)

    At the same time if this is your first and you will be having a baby shower-let your shower bring you gifts!  Of course if you can not live with out I suggest doing above....Good Luck and congratulations!! It is a WONDERFUL moment in your life!

  • im only at the beginnig of my fourth month and dont know what to do . i started a regristry. as far as shopping i dont know what to do cause i dont know what im having yet... my youngest is 12. i practicly started over  and sad to say the dad is no help with helping me ease my mind.  

  • My vote would be to not ever pass up a good sale!  


  • Kelam - Just give shopping some time right now until you know the gender of your baby. Then you'll be able to pick out more specific things. I found that I pretty much bought the big items. I bought a car seat, stroller, crib, etc. I put the "smaller" items on my registry and people tended to be able to afford those things and it gave them lots of good options for gifts to buy. You can always do some good shopping for cute clothes too. ;-) I found most of my kids clothes in some really nice second hand stores. You can get bags of barely worn clothes for the price of just a few brand new outfits!