Drop in liners?

  • Anyone else using the drop-in liners and hating them? About every 5th one leaks out over the top when squeezing the air out and it makes a terrible mess. What am I doing wrong?

  • yes we are and the same thing has happened to me and my wife but it happens to me mainly i think i push to hard but we have both the tradional and the newer nurser set the tradional ones are the ones that has done it to us not the newer version with the designs on it but all in all they are the best

  • I used them w/ my son and plan to use them again w/ baby #2. I pushed the air out at 1st and never had a problem as long as I did so slowly. Honestly though, after a while I learned that there's no need to push it out if you keep the bottle tipped up enough to keep air out of the nipple.

  • I tried using these in the beginning as well and hated them.  You still have to wash the bottle and nipple so what's the point?  I swiched to the Air Vente bottles.  I wash the same amount of bottle and I dont have to spend a fortune on liners.

  • I used the drop in liner with my 1st son and i loved them. I plan on using them on my 2nd child. I never had the overflow problems and i thought they were great.Yes

  • I didn't use them with my first baby and saw how easy they were when my sister used them, so with baby #2 this time i'm using them. I love them. I've never had a bit of trouble with them at all. And i don't see any need in getting the air out, as long as you watch the baby does it when she/he eats.

  • You have to push the air out slowly, but I LOVE them! They are great for when the baby starts holding the bottle themselves - you don't have to worry about air. Baby has less gas! And if they start walking early, as mine did at 10 months, he can carry his bottle with him, drinking it upright, which you can't do with other bottles. They are the best in my opinion!

  • I used them with my first, 10yrs ago, and I'm currently using them with my second child.  I love them and have never had any overflow issues. 

  • It happens when you squeeze them hard and too quick. My brother-in-law did it in the mall, so it was very embarassing and messy. But that was my first time seeing it even though I use them everyday.

  • I used the liners up until this week and my baby will be 7 weeks.  You d not have to squueze the liners.  They are designed that the air naturally leaves when baby eats.  I am not using air-vent and no problems at all; saves us money now!

  • I use these for my new son and for my kids 14 years ago.. No need to push the air out ~ call the company they will tell you not to....

    Love them.

  • I used them with my 1st son yrs ago, but then switched to playtex vent air bottle.. I have since then had 3 more kids an stuck with the vent air.. They are great!!
  • I used them with my 1st son & hated them, I use the Playtext Ventair bottles & love them!! They serve the purpose of the drop-ins!!

  • i guess according to the people on here you dont have to push the air out... i just push from the bottom instead of the side of the bag because i had the same problem... not all the air always comes out but as long as theres no air in the nipple then it works fine for me.

  • I never had any luck, but if you are looking for a bottle that mimics breast feeding, tommee tippee bottles are awesome, i was using the vent aire bottles and they leaked from the bottom, so i went to babies r us to purchase new seals, and i asked an assosiate there if there were any other good bottles that helped with colic/gas and spit up and she pointed me toward the tommee tippee bottles, and im glad she did, i have sensitive tummy bottles because my little guy has acid reflux /gerd,  but there are regular bottles as well, awesome and well worth the money, and the customer service is great awesome, if you loose a bottle piece like the travl lid or valve they mail you a new one at no cost , im a tommee mommy, and i wish these were around with my first