Crib vs Pack n' Play?

  • This is the debate that is currently going on in my house between my husband and myself. What I'd really like to know is, Is it better for baby to have a crib or can one just use the pack n' play instead? We have limited space for baby "stuff" so we are trying to stick to just the basics for right now. Thanks for the advice in advance.


  • We used a crib, but good friends have two boys and they both are in the pack n play. If you do get a crib, we found it useful to have the pack n play for when we went away. It can get expensive, but if you are having a shower, it might be a good idea to register for pack n play...

  • Both have their advantages. I think Pack n' Play will work just fine if you have limited space.

  • I would go with crib, we got one that had two levels so that when our son was younger the mattress could be at a higher height like a bassinet and, then lowered as he got bigger, Plus you can now find really good cribs that can be converted to day beds, by removing the one side, so you wont need a toddler bed...and if there are a few out there that can even become a toddler or twin bed. we have both pack n' plays fold up pretty small and might even fit under the's been a few years since we've had our crib up i dont remember if our fits under it or not...and we haven't gotten it up yet for our second due in june.

  • I have both for my baby, the crib has a much nicer mattress, and you aren't supposed to use other mattresses in pack 'n' plays, the mattress i have for my pack 'n' play is so thin and hard, that I'm sure he wouldn't be comfortable sleeping on it, and pack 'n' plays can get very messy and torn up rather easily, especially when the baby gets a bit older, it'll become harder and harder for them to sleep on it because the mattress will get very old and worn out quickly.

  • I have a pack n play with a newborn napper and a changing table. The napper was very useful for the first 5 weeks and now she sleeps very comfortably in the bassinet. I am still using the changing table with the pack n play.

    I say go with the pack n play.

  • Crib is more safe then pack n' play. 

  • I have both, I bought a not very bulky crib for our room and the pack "n' play is for downstairs. The attached changing station with the pack'n play come in handy when im with my baby in the living room.

    Graco pack n' play and Graco(american Make) cribs are reasonable quality and are not too expensive.

  • The crib is safer and a better choice for a bed at home. A pack n' play is a great choice for travel!
  • If you can only fit one or the other than a crib would be the better of the two. You'll get a lot more use out of the crib, but most pack n plays can be folded up and stashed in a closet so you can use it in other parts of the house or for visiting other friends/family. I personally used a pack n play for the first week just because I was paranoid with twins, so I stashed it at the foot of our bed. After the first week they were in the crib until they hit a year and went to their toddler beds. The pack n play was still useful to take to my parents when they would watch the so that the girls had a place to sleep. Hope that helps with your debate!