Cloth versus Disposable Diapers

  • Hi All,

    I'm about 6 months pregnant and was recently heard some women at my prenatal exercise class talking about cloth diapers.  Other than the obvious environmental benefits, what other benefits are there to using cloth diapers?  Does anyone have any experience to share?  Do they make a "hybrid" diaper (i.e. a cloth one with removable inserts)? 

    Any input is appreciated!


  • Hi there I to have been researching cloth diapers and the different options out there. some of the ones I have researched is Little G diapers and Kushies.The little G diapers may be what you are looking for. They have a flushable insert and a cloth option. The Kushies have a cloth insert and then a flushable liner that is for solids. I have not yet decided which way to go. I like that they are better for the environment and less chemicals for the babys skin.  I think I may go with the Kushies and then use disposables when I go out someplace.  The little g website has videos and eveything.  It seems that  the little g's may be more expensive if you plan on using the flushable diaper inserts only as compaired to the cloth inserts with the flushable liners for solids. another brand I am looking into is Bambino mio, and Bumkins.  It looks like some of these things are cheaper to purchace through rather than the main website. I hope this helps. Anything you find I would like to know too.
  • I just ordered the bum genius flips. they ar a diaper cover with a washable insert

  • You might want to check Craigslist for cloth diapering supplies...all babies are different shapes and a lot of people have to try a few different kinds before they find the right ones.  If you can get the covers used (make sure they don't smell), then you can try out a bunch of different kinds cheaper.  Also, some people sell unused g diaper inserts because they found they didn't work for their baby.

    There have been a few studies about the environmental impact of cloth vs. disposable.  While disposables end up in landfills, flushables end up in your septic or sewer, and cloth can use a lot of water, detergent etc.  I chose disposables even though I otherwise choose the most environmentally friendly way possible.  I know a lot of people who cloth diaper, but decided to use disposables for the first month or 2 because doing extra laundry when you're already sleep deprived can feel totally overwhelming!

  • I have been a user of GDiapers they are AWESOME! They have two different inserts to pick from one washable to use at home the other is disposable to use everywhere else and cool thing about disposable they decompose into soil so go ahead and through them into your back yard, they are also flushable so through them into the toilet it will not damage the septic system. They have them available in the hottest colors and patterns and sizes starting in NB. My honey jar was super tiny when she was born and after using huggies she had a major diaper rash as soon as i started using G i forgot all about diaper rashes :)

  • I've been using cloth diapers since my daughter was born in November, 2008, and continue to use them with my son who was born July 19, 2010.  I use the old fashioned Gerber cloth diapers with the Gerber waterproof pants.  I do use the Kushies liners.  Since we have a HE washer, the use of water and detergent is minimal and we've been able to save at least $1000 a year in disposable diaper costs.  I've also noticed that my kids had very few problems with diaper rash, maybe because of no chemicals?  My daughter is now potty training and we use the Gerber cloth training pants with the waterproof pants over.