Any good baby carriers out there?

  • When my third child was born, I needed more hands, so I decided to start using a

    baby carrier when I took my older children out of the house. Now that my 4th has

    arrived, I have used a sling several times when taking my baby to the park or the

    library. It is really nice having my hands free. Do any of you use a baby carrier or

    sling to carry your child in? Which ones do you like to use?

  • Im curious about this myself I am pregnant with my first due oct 10th and i love the idea of the carrier or a sling but not sure what to look for when i buy one for comfort safety ect. anyone have any suggestions!

  • Many of my friends have the Baby Bjorn carrier. I know that it is a little pricier than some options available, but my friends have loved it! I have been told that it is super easy to use and very durable.
  • I have the baby Bjorn and I like it. It is tricky to put the baby in by yourself though, but it is great on the back. Amazon has it for about $50 with is a lot cheaper than babies r us.

  • I have the Chicco brand and I did not like it. It look very sturdy and safe but it's tricky to put the baby in and out of it. There's been many times I woke my sleeping baby when I had to take him out of the carrier. Since I don't want to buy another carrier/sling, I resorted to just carrying my baby on my hands all the time ... bad idea. I heard BabyBjorn and MeiTai are good, but of course they are a bit pricey.

  • I am now just getting back to using it again. Initially I used it when I had to clean the house and whatnot. But then somehow, I phase out. However, the one I have when my daughter was young, has a weight limit (I believe up to 24 or 28 lbs). This past weekend I bought a new one from My Urban Toddler. There is no weight or height limits. I don't remember the manufacture but there is two patterns two it, one is plain--for the father to use, and the other side is floral--for mom to use. The lower two strapesties around the waist and the top two strapes go over the shoulder then cris cross on the back then wrap below the child's buttocks (that is the child is in front of you and face you) and ties to the front. I like this particular baby carrier a lot because the weight distributes evenly.

  • I love my ERGO.  It's expensive, but so worth it.  Also, I used a ring sling when my baby was an infant---just make sure you have someone show you how to use it properly (or watch some of the online videos)

  • There are lots of great carriers.

    You can look into wraps, ring slings, mei tais and soft structured carriers.


    Right now, I exclusively use woven wraps.  However, I own a couple ring slings, I've had a mei tai pass through our home and I'm currently borrowing soft-structured carrier.

    If you want something without a steep learning curve, I'd try a soft-structured carrier, like the poster above mentioned.  There are more comfortable and affordable options than the Baby Bjorn.  Those get uncomfortable (for the adult and for the child) once the baby reaches a certain weight, so you'll likely stop using it.

    Good luck finding something that works for you, momma!

  • I've used an Evenflo Snugli and enjoyed it. Slings and wraps are sort of intimidating for me so I really just wanted to stick with something simple. My husband was also much more comfortable using that type of carrier. He would not have ever even attempted a sling.

  • I thought I'd throw my two cents in here. A lot of my friends had heard great things about Moby Wraps and so they encouraged me to get one. It is basically one LONG piece of fabric that you learn how to wrap around yourself. It's great once you get it on because your baby is really snuggled up against your chest and your hands are free. You can also wrap it so your kid has support while sitting on your hip when you are out walking. HOWEVER - getting it on is kind of crazy! It drags all over the ground and is super long and hard to wrap around yourself because of the length of fabric. For this reason, it didn't get used very much in my house because it was too much trouble for the end result. Hope this helps if you are considering one. :-)
  • I use a babycarrier daily and never use a stroller.  I am also a member of Babywering International.

    There are soft-structured carriers that are more comfortable for mom and for baby than either the Bjorn or Snuggli.  I won't go into details about why that is unless someone is really interested.  The Ergo is a GREAT soft structured carrier.  You'll also get more use out of it than you will with a Bjorn because it supports heavier babies very well.

    Other carrier types to consider are ring slings, mei tais and wraps.

    I exclusively used wraps.  I used the Moby which is a stretchy wrap.  Now I use woven wraps--Didymos Vatanai, Hoppediz, Storchenwiege are among the kinds I have.  I love them for the versatility. One carrier can be used a number of ways and with a number of users.  Also, you can use woven wraps into your child's toddlerhood.  I ride mass transit daily with my baby on my back, front or side.  Using wraps is also how I get tasks done .  I have a some short wraps for when I need to wrap my baby quickly--like when I'm running errands in the car and I have to keep getting DD in and taking her out.

    Let me know if you're interested in some specific resources for choosing and buying a carrier.

  • I just hear about ERGO - I want to buy one! They seem pretty expensive so I'm going to look for consignment stores that sell them or hunt online for a second hand one in good shape. :-) Loved reading about all the options out there!

  • @PediNurseJulie  The Ergo seems expensive, but it's a great investment.  You can use it until your child's pre-school days.  Lesser-quality carriers end up being useless once your child hits about 15 pounds.  Another, quality carrier that is more reasonably priced is the Action Baby Carrier.


    Happy shopping.

  • APMomma - thx for the advice! We got a Baby Bjorn but my little guy was 9 lbs at birth! Obviously, it didn't last us long enough...wish I'd gotten a different one to start with. I think I found a great Ergo in good shape for 55 dollars from a mom who is not using it anymore. :-)