Bottle Dryers

  • I know that being a new mom means going through many, many bottles. I am not looking forward to cleaning all of these bottles, but a new mom recommended a bottle dryer. Did you use a bottle dryer? If so, did this gadget save time? I want  something to cut my time in half so that I can spend the most time bonding with my newborn.

  • I had a bottle rack with my son when he was born (now 5 yrs old) was okay the bottles did seem to dry faster then they did when i just had them in the regular dish rack. I am due june 17th with our second child and i opted for drop ins because there is less cleaning needed, the nipples will need washed after each use but i can just get a bunch of those and wash them once where as as long as the bottles stay clean they wont need washing every time, just wiped off in between feedings and washed once a day. I know it's a bit more expensive, But we are going to try and breast feed and formula feed and another pro to the drop ins is that they mimic breast feeding better because little to no air gets in because they collapse as the baby feeds

  • I bought the Born Free starter set, which comes with a sterilizer and 4 bottles. After sterilizing, I empty out the water and leave the bottles upside down in the sterilizer. I also managed to "cook" my breast pump items in that sterilizer as well. Didn't feel the need for the dryer and my daughter is almost nine months old now.